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Mar 24, 2014 1:03:00 PM

Citrix Talks About the Direction of Mobile Device Management

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The Mobile Device Management (MDM) industry is growing as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) becomes a workplace norm and mobile security is now a necessity for businesses of all industries and sizes. Providers with holistic solutions--that fit not only into existing technology platforms, but into their end users’ lives--will thrive in 2014. In this eBook we discuss how location technology will play a significant role in MDM in the coming years as it evolves beyond basic device tracking to create new features and opportunities for integration with other business technology. Like the MDM market itself, location technology will establish new standards for device security.

In our research and writing process, we asked MDM industry leaders to comment on topics such as third party developers and location for MDM solutions - check out the commentary we feature from Citrix below:


Citrix XenMobileChandra Sekar, Senior Director

What is the biggest change your industry faces in 2014?
Mobility is redefining the way people work and the way IT supports them. For many organizations, the growth of mobile devices and applications is largely driven by employees' desire to be more productive with mobile devices. Consumer technology has taught that having access to any app from any device and true data portability and security really matter to businesses. The biggest change we will see is there will be no demand for just MDM solutions. Enterprises with a strategic approach to mobility will also seek more sophisticated solutions for MAM, productivity apps like email and browser, and enterprise class content management with file sync, sharing and mobile content editing.

What new platforms and types of devices are your clients becoming increasingly interested in supporting?
BYOD programs are quickly becoming the norm. Device diversity is at an all-time high in the enterprise and will continue to increase. Specifically, the adoption of Android in the enterprise is rising. According to the Citrix Mobility in Business report, Android is one of the most popular platforms with 72 percent of respondents saying they support or are planning to support Android this year. Apple iOS also remains popular, with 54 percent supporting or planning to support the platform. Microsoft Windows 8 has become more popular than Windows Mobile, with 46 percent of companies supporting or planning to support the full-featured operating system. The main point is enterprise customers will continue to embrace a variety of mobile platforms and seek flexible solutions that allow them to secure and manage any mobile device – corporate and personal – on a variety of platforms, like  iOS, Android, Windows, among others.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for your company brought about by BYOD?
BYOD is unstoppable – employees have come to expect that they can work from anywhere on any device with access to their favorite apps. Enterprises know that the demand for mobile access to apps and data on personal devices will only continue to increase. And they will continue to look towards supporting the needs of their users. Citrix XenMobile provides the most complete EMM solution on the market that goes beyond device management, to combine the best of MDM, MAM, secure email, secure browsing, and secure data collaboration and management – all on an integrated platform. We will continue to invest in enterprise mobility and key enterprise technologies to enable mobile workspaces. Our key focus is helping customers take what has been designed for consumers, and helping them scale, support and optimize for business use. We want to make technology easy to use and create a delightful experience for both IT and end users.

What role do 3rd party developers play in the growth of MDM and MAM?
MDM-XenMobile33rd party developers play a huge role. Employees are bringing a staggering number of mobile apps into the enterprise on a daily basis. If not managed, these apps can pose a risk to corporate information and corporate networks. Enterprise IT must find a way to mitigate the risk, while enabling employees to take advantage of the powerful benefits mobile apps provide. This is why we launched Citrix Worx App Gallery last year. The Worx App Gallery eliminates the need for IT administrators to go through the time consuming effort of procuring and verifying mobile apps. All Worx-enabled mobile apps are enterprise-ready with security, policy and provisioning controlled by Citrix XenMobile. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can leverage the Worx App Gallery to showcase their apps to a wide enterprise customer base.

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