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Jan 8, 2014 11:30:00 AM

XOEye Shares Their Vision On Wearable Technology

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Wearable brands have taken CES by storm, exhibiting innovative technology that improves user experience and transform lives for the better. One company to highlight is XOEye, whose primary goal is to help users see their business clearly.  

459562095_640The creators of XOEye Vision know how important it is to have clear visibility and insight into all aspects of your business in order to stay successful.  XOEye Vision is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) platform, built for the future of wearables.  This innovative wearable computing technology captures data and allows users to turn it into actionable intelligence.  This means that users can experience what is happening on the job without having to be physically present in the office or at the worksite.

XOEye’s focus is delivering the technology to help enhance your business and ensure that your vision is always clear.  With the high definition camera, two-way audio communication, and data sensors, XOEye Vision is capable of capturing important events and allowing users to make better decisions for their business.  

James Beecham and Anthony Blanco (pictured below) met with Skyhook’s SchneiderMike at CES this morning to shed some insight on their innovation and the future of wearables.

What does the future of your wearable tech look like? 

Anthony_XOEyeXOEye is showing what can be done within the industry, we are making the glasses really robust. We increased the size of our glasses to be able to accommodate features and be safety oriented.  

We launch this year and we are helping businesses capture data like they never have before. The enterprise needs meaningful intelligence in the warehouse to reduce communication latency and turn data into something that is actionable.

How will XOEye Vision improve user experience?

Imagine sending a repair technician to fix a cortical machine and he or she gets stuck. We can send visuals, video and stills to other experts, reducing travel costs, getting equipment fixed faster, improving processes and bringing the world closer. 

This way, we can reduce workman's complications. We can catalog the work during the day and optimize processes while making safety practices better. We can measure the movement of workers with our accelerometer and find more ways to optimize a person's work style. 

How do you see location improving your wearable device?

Tracking people by sites is really interesting. We can see who is on site, how long and where they are within a job site. This makes capturing data more contextual. 


XOEye is changing the way businesses communicate and optimize, generating a safer and more connected working experience. Their wearable technology will be one to keep a close eye on in 2014. wearables_london