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Jul 3, 2014 11:00:00 AM

10 Wearables For The Modern Family

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Wearables are doing fascinating things for not only the tech junkie - they are increasingly becoming mainstream to fit every member of the “modern family”. There are so many today that meet all of the needs of all ages, so we decided to round up the perfect wearable for every member of the family. Here’s what devices we expect to see mom, dad, kids & co. all sporting in just a few short years:

1. Mom

The Jawbone wearable wristband and integrated app are the perfect tools to make sure mom is staying healthy throughout her hectic day. Jawbone UP makes it easy to track her sleeping, eating and activity and connect them to her phone so she can get live updates about what she’s doing right for her health and where she could use some better habits. Mom can even use Jawbone to figure out when and why you are most happy, sad or stressed.

2. Dad

OMsignal has created wearable tech that is just what dad needs. The machine washable shirt “improves blood circulation, enhances performance and helps your muscles recover faster” it even helps with posture, odor resistance and controlling his body temperature. The shirt is perfect for dad because of the way it seamlessly connects to a mobile app that helps him keep track of his activity, stress levels and overall health and fitness in a quick and easy way. With the Biometric-Sensing Workout Clothes the rest of the family doesn’t have to worry about dad getting dangerously stressed or overworked.

3. The Teenage Daughter

An unexpected creator, Trident gum designed a collection of wearable technology that helps you focus. We think trident Focus Life Gear is the perfect wearable solution for the distractible teen in the family. The trendy gear in the Focus line is made of fabric that shields radio frequencies from your personal space blocking social media updates like facebook friend requests and new tweets. Whether it’s to settle in to get some work done or to have quality family bonding time this wearable tech is made for the social media addict in your family.

4. The Athletic Son

Adidas miCoach technology is an awesome wearable for the young athlete in the family. The line has everything from a bluetooth connected soccer ball, the Smart Ball, to the X_Cell that measures your movements during a basketball scrimmage to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses in the game. All connected to your miCoach app these devices are top notch fitness wearables. Helping you workout harder, play better and win faster the Adidas miCoach suite is perfect for the family athlete.


5. Younger Brother

The FiLIP smartwatch is another way your family can feel confident the kids are safe. With the ability to call, locate and send them texts, mom and dad can reach the youngins without providing them with a costly cellphone. The easy to use FiLIP app supports multiple profiles so you can communicate with each child and receive notifications if they leave a SafeZone you have set up. With the intelligent emergency feature your kids can push a button to alert their contacts when they are lost or in danger and FiLIP will continue contacting you until you are reached and transmit your childs location to your app all the while. FiLIP takes all the fear out of letting the little ones in the family get out and play.

6. Baby

Infant wearables may seem superfluous at first glance but companies have found ways to use advanced technology to address the kinds of concerns that keep mom and dad up at night. The mimo onesie takes the traditional baby monitor to a whole new level monitoring temperature, movement and respiration to stay on top of preventing SIDS. Connecting to the Mimo App, the monitor keeps parents in touch with baby’s data… Mimo gives parents and caretakers peace of mind that their baby is sleeping safe and sound.  

7. Grandma

Grandma’s Vesag wearable gives her the confidence to do everything she loves without anxiety about her health. Worn just like a digital wristwatch Vesag is so much more. With the capacity to connect to other medical sensors to send medication reminders and to make emergency calls, Vesag leaves Grandma feeling safe and self-assured. For the rest of the family, Vesag monitors her overall health, can locate grandma just about anywhere and stores her medical history making your job of watching out for her a whole lot easier.

8. Grandpa

There’s nothing better than a wearable that helps you do what you love and grandpa deserves to love his down-time. Wearable GPS golf watches by Garmin connect gramps to the course with maps, PinPointer blind shot assistance and swing improving Tempo Training. He can pick his course and improve his game.

9. The Family Dog

Our pups are one of the most loved family members and they deserve a wearable all of their own! The Fitbark bone clips to your dogs collar and tracks his activity throughout the day. With Fitbark you  are kept up to date with insights about puppy’s health, activity and behavior and can easily share them with your family and vet. Fitbark can even compare your dogs behavior trends to his past levels, other dogs of the same bread and the data from you and your families’ fitness trackers.

10. The Entire Family

HereO offers a lightweight, colorful watch that tracks your child’s location while keeping the whole family connected through location information and easy group communication in one app. Using the smallest GPS tracker in the world, HereO is incredibly efficient when it comes to location and battery life, exactly the features you need to know your little one is always safe and reachable. Familys can easily share their location with each other simply by running the app or broadcasting a check-in to a specific location. HereO also enables place alerts so parents can create virtual fences around any area they want such as home, school or work and are notified when a specific family member arrives or leaves that place.

We are excited to see what the future of wearables is going to bring, and what the next generation of each of the above products is going to deliver. Interested in learning more about what is fueling the wearables revolution today? Download our eBook to learn more! wearables_london