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Aug 15, 2014 10:04:00 AM

This Week In Wearables: Bringing Wearable Technology to New Industries

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We’ve seen smart watches and fitness trackers stake out a place in the tech industry for the world of wearables. Now wearable technology is rapidly popping up in even the most innovative of places from entertainment to child and pet tracking. Every day there is new news about how wearable tech is making strides and device creators are working to make our lives easier, better and more connected. With everything happening in wearables it is hard to take stock of where wearables are headed next. Not to fret, we’re keeping an eye out for you, check out the latest in wearables this week:

1. Intel Wants To Help Battle Parkinson's Disease With Wearable Devices

Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation are partnering to study Parkinson’s disease and see how technology has the potential to assist Parkinson’s researchers in fighting the disease. “The initial goal is to determine the feasibility of using wearable devices to monitor patients remotely and store that data in an open system that can be accessed by scientists”. They hope the devices will give researchers access to invaluable data on the realities of patients living with Parkinson’s. Intel hopes this project is just the first of many in the health and medical field.

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2. 'World's Smartest Motorcycle Helmet' Raises More Than $800,000 in One Day


The Skully AR-1 helmet has already raised three times it’s goal on Indiegogo and is grabbing the attention of techies and riders everywhere. The helmet is equipped with connection to your smartphone for music and GPS as well as a dashboard display with speed, directions, fuel level and caller ID as well as a rearview camera. Already approved by the Department of Transportation, the helmet is poised to transform the experience of the ride.

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3. Facebook Wants You to Experience Movies in Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift

Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR was the mark of even bigger things to come for the Virtual Reality wearable company. Oculus Rift is a headset designed through a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to let videogame enthusiast enter the worlds of their favorite games. Facebook has reportedly already made moves to ensure the technology thrives by meeting with Hollywood Studio execs about pairing Oculus Rift with the biggest and best feature films. The coming of the “Oculus Experience” is one to watch out for.

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4. Are Wearable Wallets the Future of Money?   
payment wearable

One of the newest wearable accessories is nothing like its traditional counterpart, the wallet. It’s a wearable twist on the payment apps that have grasped commerce in the past year with the extra security of becoming a part of you. “A slim and often wrist-wearable device that transmits your financial information by way of near-field communication”, there has been talk of wearable wallets from numerous producers like PayPal and MEVU. These devices would be tapped against a sensor for payment and, despite the potential con of worrying about battery life, could be the future of payment.

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5. New Wearable Baby Monitor Is Like a Fitbit for Infants

Sproutling, a smart, wearable, baby monitor is out to improve the lives --and anxiety levels-- of parents everywhere. Monitoring vital signs and motion, predicting wake up time and even the babies mood are some of the features built into Sproutling which, “customizes itself to each baby's habits, learning the child's sleep cycle and heart rate and alerting parents of any abnormalities”. Connected to an easy to use mobile app Sproutling gives parents peace of mind while their baby sleeps and a head start when they wake up.

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