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Aug 22, 2014 10:30:00 AM

The Top Wearable Technology Influencers to Follow Now

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Wearable technology is gaining momentum with constantly evolving and compelling use cases: from devices that monitor health and fitness in real time, to technology that improves workplace productivity. There is a huge potential for this market to continue to grow and change our lives as consumers weigh in on the features they want.

Despite how young the wearable industry is as a whole, it's rapid growth has fueled innovation and fostered dialogue among new companies doing exciting things with these devices as well as many thought leaders and influencers in the space. If you are a looking to for the latest news and conversations happening around wearable technology, the following industry influencers are the ones to follow!

Paul Sonnier

Paul Sonnier is best known for founding and curating the 28,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn. As a social entrepreneur, Sonnier is globally recognized for his work on Twitter, the Story of Digital Health website, and the Digital Health LinkedIn group. His mission is promoting and catalyzing the digital revolution’s positive impact on health, living and society.

Follow him on Twitter @Paul_Sonnier

John Nosta

John Nosta is a digital health philosopher, strategist and advocate. He is a lead thinker and founder of NostaLab, a network dedicated to the advancement of digital health and the empowerment of innovation through communication.

He is a leading voice in the convergence of science, technology and medicine and how they impact our lives. His writing can be found at Forbes.

Follow him on Twitter @JohnNosta

Tom Emrich

Tom Emrich is a passionate advocate for wearable technology and writes about this subject as well as 3D printing and the Internet of Things for MobileSyrup, Betakit and Designers of Things of which he is the Editor-in-Chief.

He launched the first app review site for wearable tech with the goal to provide developers with the support they need to get their apps noticed and to be the trusted discovery destination for users to take their wearable experience to the next level.

Follow him on Twitter @tomemrich

Tim Moore

Tim Moore is the Director of Wearable Technologies at Rochester Optical and Rocit Labs. Forbes has recognized Tim as "an emerging thought leader in wearable technology.” Huffington Post says, "It just takes a matter of seconds with Tim to know he is from the future." Tim is ranked #2 on 'Wearable Tech Top 1000' and ranked #5 on 'Wearable Tech Top 50 Influencers' worldwide.

He writes about wearable technology and connected devices on his RebelMouse blog and speaks frequently about digital vision specifically how it can be used both efficiently and functionally in the enterprise.

Follow him on Twitter @TimMoore

Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies is a digital health consultant and is a frequent writer on the topics of digital health and wearable technology. He has been quoted in Forbes, Health & Fitness, Men's Health and Yahoo News. He has spoke on digital health at events for the Royal Society of Medicine, British Medical Association, World Comm Forum Davos and Social Media Week.

His blog is where technology, wearables, personal genomics, human augmentation and digital meets health, wellness and lifestyle. A blog dedicated to covering how new technologies and new ways of thinking can improve both physical and mental performance, wellbeing and ultimately allow us to live healthier, stronger and smarter lives, for longer. wearables_london

Follow him on Twitter @stedavies 

Redg Snodgrass

Redg Snodgrass is an entrepreneur who understands how big companies can partner with innovative startups. As a founding member of SKOUT, Redg helped create the first social mobile application for iPhone that was profitable as well as viral. When SKOUT reached 2.5 million users and sustainable profitability, he left for the opportunity to head Innovation at Alcatel-Lucent / BellLabs, where he created the first-ever Open API Service across multiple global carriers.

Currently Redg serves as CEO of Wearable World, Inc., a San Francisco based incubator that connects businesses to the social fabric of the Internet of Wearable Things. At Wearable World, Inc., his mission is to connect technology experts, thought-leaders, corporate/startup executives, and investors to build these game-changing emerging technologies.   

Follow him on Twitter @redgsnodgras