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Mar 15, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Skyhook Wireless Launches Precision Location for Wearables

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The industry’s lightest location platform enables key functionality for all types of wearables. Screen_Shot_2016-03-01_at_1.28.04_PM.png

BOSTON, Mass. – March 15, 2016 –  Skyhook Wireless, the world’s leading independent location platform, today announced the launch of Precision Location for Wearables, the lightest packaged, most precise location solution available to the wearables market today. Skyhook’s proprietary solution - built on unique mobile location technology responsible for processing trillions of location signals annually - provides an ultra-light development kit with minimal bandwidth, device memory and power requirements suitable for devices of all sizes.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the wearables market will reach a total of 126.1 million units shipped by 2019. The availability of precise and accurate location to wearable devices can open up critical new use cases and experiences, ranging from fitness tracking, to adding context to photographic memories in real time, to providing parents with the peace of mind of knowing the location of their children. Until today, many wearable manufacturers found adding location cumbersome or out of reach because of the inherent limitations related to footprint and bandwidth.

Skyhook’s Precision Location for Wearables fundamentally changes that calculus, delivering a footprint that is one hundred times lighter and data transmission rates ten times smaller than the traditional SDK. Skyhook’s Precision Location for Wearables uses a binary protocol to send and receive location data, with all transmissions secured by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This allows streamlined access to Skyhook’s hybrid positioning solution - backed by 140+ international patents and trillions of annual location transactions - so that wearable devices can be located with precision using any combination of GPS, cell and/or Wi-Fi radio signals. With this significantly lighter and more cost effective solution, all manufacturers, solution providers, application developers and their customers can now benefit from the power of location.

“As the leading innovator in location services, Skyhook is proud to extend the availability of the most precise and accurate location to the world’s smallest wearable devices,” said David Bairstow, Vice President of Product at Skyhook Wireless. “We have spent years refining our location services, and with this unique solution, we can now unleash the power of location to an entirely new class of devices in a massively expanding market.”

An early customer of this new platform is Narrative, the manufacturer of the world’s smallest wearable camera. By integrating Skyhook's global Precision Location solution, Narrative’s users now have the ability to geotag photos and videos with unmatched precision.

“The best moments in our lives are unplanned, and Narrative’s wearable cameras allow people to authentically and seamlessly capture those memories through photo and video in real time. But without context, the value of that content decreases,” said Martin Kallstrom, CEO, Narrative. “Through our collaboration with Skyhook, people will record these moments with higher precision in the location context - with a simple tap of a finger.”

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