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Mar 6, 2014 9:26:00 AM

How Location Will Affect Wearables

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As new wearable technology breaks into the mainstream, wearable tech companies face an industry full of challenges - the most daunting of which is differentiating their devices. In this eBook, we discuss three critical factors for these devices to win in a crowded marketplace. We cover how this year, we’ll see wearables expand their capabilities and begin to compete on user experience - and better UX means integrating into users lives and developing ways for them to interact with the 3rd party apps they already know and love.

In our research and writing process, we asked wearable industry leaders to comment on topics such as third party developers and location for wearables - check out the commentary we feature from MIO Global below:

MIO Global: Mark Gorelick, Director of Product Science & Innovation

How will location data affect the UX of wearables?

Mio_wearable_smartwatch_LINK_arctic_on-wrist_iphoneLocation based data has a real opportunity to enhance healthy lifestyle wearables by categorizing daily activity into a relevant contextual information.  I believe that this type of journaling of daily life promotes engagement as well as providing richer notifications, social interconnectedness, motivational encouragement and lifestyle awareness.

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Our eBook provides information on how sophisticated location technology can bring value to wearables by enticing third party developers to build apps on your platform, enhancing user experiences based on their whereabouts, and delivering the most battery-efficient and accurate positioning even when your device is offline.

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