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Jan 8, 2014 2:58:00 PM

Lifelogger Talks to Skyhook About the Future of Wearable Cameras

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Life tracking and monitoring is a major theme in the growing wearable community.  LifeLogger technology will completely change the way users view and remember their lives. LifeLogger has created the ultimate lifelogging system that will enable users to take live videos, stream and share them in real-time and then later view them on any device through the lifelogging cloud system.  

The LifeLogger wearable camera has a built-in GPS system and enables users to stream their videos in real time. The user experience combines video, face recognition, voice and text recognition, map and positioning all on one screen for a memory playback function.  With a click of the mouse users can select any recognized face, voice, or text and instantly view the exact moment of the video.   

Stew Garner (pictured below) talks to Skyhook’s SchneiderMike about the future of LifeLogger.

What does the future of your wearable tech look like?

Right now we can add a great deal of text to the video experience. We do text, video and face recognition that allows you to recall points within your life stream. We have some interesting technology and we are working on pricing plans. We plan to launch in the June or July timeframe. We are working on a social media component that allows people to interact and share. You can share with family and friends through lifelogger or share to social media like Facebook and Google+.

How do you see location improving your wearable device’s user experience?

Stew_of_lifeloggerWe think it's useful to be able to organize your videos. Imagine video tapes without tagging. We are focused on adding on-the-fly context to video.

If you could enable any new kind of functionality on your wearable device, what would it be?

We just want technology to be more sophisticated. We want two cameras to record in stereo but battery limits don't let us do that yet. Our communication is fast, but better battery life will make it faster. This is something we are working on.


Wearable cameras will change the way we record, view, and share our lives. LifeLogger's wearable camera enables the opportunity to continuously record life events and moments that have previously been harder to record with a handheld camera, such as amusement park rides, bike rides, and para gliding. We look forward to seeing where LifeLogger takes its wearable technology in the future.