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May 4, 2015 8:30:00 AM

5 (More) Forward-Looking Pet Wearable Tech Companies

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In 2016, the market saw a number of new wearable watches, activity trackers and fitness monitors enter the fray - but no industry picked up more hype than pet wearables. Turns out, keeping track of our furry friends has caught on in the pet market more so than for their humans in the general population - so much so that IDTechEx predicts pet wearables to be a  $2.6 billion market by 2025. Last year, we gave a breakdown on top pet wearable market leaders, and we thought a refresher was in order for 2017. 

Check out these latest forward-looking pet wearable devices that we think are the next future pack leaders:

new_wearables1) TaggGPS Plus


Tagg was one of the first pet wearable devices to enter the market, and the GPS Plus model is the latest upgrade. The device clips on to your dog’s collar and alerts you to their location when they’re lost, activity levels, and now monitors their temperature levels in case they become too hot or too cold. Now ruggedized and waterproof, the device can be taken anywhere.

Fellow pet wearable company Whistle has since acquired the company, so expect to see even more improvements in the coming months. 

2) PetPace

This small, non-invasive smart collar monitors your pet’s body temperature, heart rate, respiration, calories burned and even the range of their physical positions throughout the day. Automatic alerts are sent to your phone upon the detection of any abnormal signs via the PetPace app, or you can even opt to send a regular report of your pet’s vitals to your vet.

It’s great for any dog or cat over 8 pounds, and especially senior pets that may be experiencing subtle physical changes that could otherwise go unnoticed. 

3) WonderWoof

The look and feel of WonderWoof alone is enough to warrant spoiling your pet - this lightweight, bow-shaped exercise tracking device uses a 3-axis accelerometer to detect your dog’s movement and activity throughout the day. Safety is a component of the device functionality as well, with automatic alerts sent when your dog travels “out of range.”


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What makes the WonderWoof unique is its app functionality; aside from monitoring behavior, you can access an exercise tracking social network for your pet. The free app lets you earn badges for activity milestones, and view or connect with dog owners in your area. There’s also a diary section that lets you catalogue your pooch’s schedule and vet appointments all in one place. 

4) PitPatPitPat_pet-wearable.png

PitPat is becoming the FitBit of pet wearables and debuted at CES 2016 as the ultimate activity tracker for your pooch. For most owners who work the majority of the day, PitPat helps them see what their dog's been up to all day and can manage their daily fitness routine accordingly. PitPat even has unique exercise guides for your dog based on age, breed and activity already measured. The design is made to be comfortable to wear and waterproof.

5) Tractive

This waterproof GPS-centered tracking device allows you to see exactly where your pet is on a map via the Tractive GPS Pet Finder app, available on both iOS and Android. You can see your pet’s movements live and get alerts when they leave your designated ‘safe zone.’ Facebook is integrated into the app as well, so you can share and browse pet photos or other information conveniently. 

The location service for the app is covered by a €3.75 fee, and available in over 80 countries, covering the US, UK, most of Europe and South America, and select Asian regions.

So tell us: What do you want out of the next pet wearables? Any thoughts on where the market is headed? Let us know in the comments below!