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Jan 13, 2017 8:01:00 AM

Skyhook Wins AOTMP Award at CES 2017

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We're happy to announce that Skyhook has been chosen as a winner of the AOTMP Director's Award at CES this year! Since our founding in 2003, our team of engineers, data scientists and geospatial experts have driven innovative new products that have come to define the location industry. The team is proud to be recognized among tech heavy hitters like Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook.

iot_back_branded.pngThe 2017 Mobility Awards were selected by over 80 members of the press and industry analysts who cover the mobile and wireless industry. This awards program that's been in place since 2001 represents the most innovative, state-of-the-art mobile and wireless products and solutions in today’s market. 

A committee of both members of the press and mobility analysts voted for the finalists based on criteria specific to product/solution category. The annual program includes 73 awards from 16 categories ranging from Best Smart Phones to Internet of Things (IoT) technology Innovation. Skyhook was announced among the winners in Las Vegas last week.

"We appreciate the recognition for the hard work our team puts in each and every day. Our team strives to develop new and innovative applications of our location technology for IoT, advertising and wearables. We feel a great momentum coming into the year and are thrilled to be named by the AOTMP as tech innovators," said Skyhook CEO Craig Waggy. "We'd like to know the man or woman behind the curtain who submitted Skyhook for this honor - please come forward.

AOTMP, or the Authority on Telecom Management Practices, works with enterprises, small to medium businesses, public sector organizations and their telecom vendors to drive efficiency, performance and productivity to a new standard in telecom environments. They're also working to transform this spend category from an operating expense to a strategic asset used to drive business results in their partners. 

Congratulations to all of the 2017 AOTMP Mobility Awards winners from Skyhook!