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Feb 10, 2014 12:13:00 PM

This Week in Mobile Devices: Mobile Advertising, RTB, UX and Woz

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mobile_glyphed-1In a world where people can be found increasingly attached to their mobile devices, a huge topic of discussion within the mobile device industry is mobile user experience. The continuously increasing expectations of users due to the many new technological advancements that have launched since the smartphone was born makes it now imperative that mobile device manufacturers pay attention to constantly improving mobile UX.  

In addition to improving user UX, another buzzworthy topic in the mobile device industry is mobile advertising. Advertisers can get to know consumers and reach them most easily through their mobile devices, because no one knows a consumer better than their smartphone.  

So to keep up with the mobile conversation, you don’t have to scour the internet for the latest in mobile device news: we’ve done all the legwork for you. Here’s what you need to know about the mobile device industry this week:

1) The New Link for the Mobile Ad Era

A recent Mashable article talks about how mobile apps have taken over our lives and rule our everyday activity, but right now they do not link up to each other, causing what the article calls “walled-off digital containers” that users are getting lost in.  

This is now changing as startups and established companies work together to create technology that makes it easy to put a link into a mobile app, web page or email that will redirect users to a specific section of another app installed on the device. This technology is called “deep linking” and is a way to open up new forms of advertising that will match mobile advertising more closely with online advertising.  

Another potential benefit that the article highlights is that deep linking enables people to search the content and functions of mobile apps the way they do one the Web.  

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2) Mobile in 2014: Brand Dollars will Flow, RTB will Rule, and Video will Win

Thomvest Ventures has made some predictions on what the big mobile advertising trends will be for 2014.  

Their first prediction is that brand advertising dollars on mobile will take off and grow faster than mobile publisher spend due to the increase in use of mobile advertising from the programmatic buyers that the brand dollars flow through.

Their second prediction for 2014 is that RTB will enable online programmatic buyers to push increased budget to mobile because the barriers to adopting mobile advertising are beginning to fall.

The third prediction Thomvest Ventures makes is that video will provide the gateway for both big brands and publishers to drive performance at scale.

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3) Three Steps For Improving Mobile UX

To help you keep your mobile visitors happy, UX magazine says it is important to code for faster page loading, test your layouts, and improve mobile and responsive navigation.

In this article, UX magazine talks about how improving UX on mobile devices is as important as improving it for desktops. Even though it requires a lot of work, UX magazine thinks the benefits of happier users, improved search rankings and increased revenue make it worthwhile.  

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4. Steve Wozniak Does things For The Right Reasons, Apps World 2014 Keynote

In his keynote speech at Apps World, Steve Wozniak discussed mobile user experience saying, “I've never been an artist or designer but we had a co-founder who insisted the look and feel was extremely important."

He went on to talk about the rise of the internet of things, noting that the phone will still be the central controller for wearables and the connected home.

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5. Ten Tips for Mobile UX

Redant’s article also shares some great tips for improving mobile user experience, with a big focus on design.  One of the key points the article makes is that you can’t just repurpose your web design for mobile, you need to start from the bottom with the customer experience you want and build upward.

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The big themes of conversation in the mobile device industry this week focused on mobile advertising, RTB and mobile device user experience. These themes will continue to be prevalent throughout 2014 as mobile device use continues to climb.