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Jun 15, 2015 9:00:00 AM

5 Forward-Looking Wearables That Improve Lives

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Wearable brands are recognizing that in order to sell products and build loyalty, their devices needs to provide real-time, meaningful value that improves people’s lives on a daily basis.

Delivering meaningful information starts with personalization and monitoring behavior in order to provide relevant notifications, stats and content. The foundation of this personalization is precise location and the context it provides.

Here are 5 forward-looking devices that are getting it right:

For Children and Parents

1. AmbyGear:

AmbyGear is a kids smartwatch that empowers and inspires independence and confidence and provides peace of mind to parents. How does one watch do all of that you ask? The AmbyGear is the only smartwatch that comes with a range of fun applications and educational games to inspire kids to be independent, confident and physically active. It is designed to bring out the best in kids. AmbyGear Rewards empowers parents to track progress and reward kids for their achievements.

The device has built in GPS and a claims to have a 7 day battery life. It is always connected with a built in tamper alert to inform parents if the device is removed from the child’s wrist. And the Find Me! application helps children find their parents in case of an emergency.


AmbyGear Rewards AppScreen_Shot_2015-06-11_at_2.53.45_PM


The AmbyGear iOS and Android app enables parents to locate, communicate and control the smartwatch. With Proximity Alerts, parents can monitor the distance the child is from them and receive a notification and audio alert if their child wanders away. The app enables parents to easily configure geofences around locations that are important, like home and school. This allows for the app to send notifications to parents when their child enters or leaves these locations. The app also allows the parents to communicate with their children with text messages or pictograms.

The watch is an all in one, location enabled safety device that doubles as a fun watch for children to learn from and grow.

2. hereO

The hereO watch is the world’s smallest real-time GPS location device for children. Parents can know their children's whereabouts anytime, anywhere. With historical locations, parents can track where their children have been throughout the day, reassuring that they haven’t visited any unsafe places. The watch uses GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi and claims to have battery power for up to 60 hours.

hereO Kids watch location

The hereO watch has many features that help keep children safe. The Safe Zone alerts go off when a family member arrives or departs from pre set safety zones. The device sends an immediate alert and exact location to all family members when panic alert is triggered. The device also enables the user to receive quick directions to their family members and send messages to all family members with a single click.

The hereO watch works in sync with the hereO Family location app, which is also a standalone app that the entire family can use to share their whereabouts with each other. Family members share locations simply by running the app (on smartphones, tablets, and desktops) or broadcasting a check-in to a specific location.

For Seniors and Caretakers

3. mCareWatch:

mCareWatch is a technology solution for independant living. The SOS Mobile Watch from mCareWatch is the latest in independent living technology. Designed to be comfortable and discreet, the watch allows you and your loved ones the comfort of emergency messaging and monitoring without interrupting your daily routine.

Using GPS, mobile phone and Wi-Fi technologies, the SOS Mobile Watch can pinpoint the wearer’s position within a few metres. Wearers are free to live independently and go where they please – without triggering a false alarm. The device also includes healthcare monitoring solutions into a comfortable, easy to manage and stylish accessory. The watch tells the time like any other watch, but in addition it has a pedometer to track movement activity and can make two way calls. The SOS button will dial three pre-set contact numbers in case of emergency and the the user can set medicine and other appointment alarm reminders.


mCareWatch wearable mpers  Screen_Shot_2015-06-11_at_3.10.40_PM


The carer can monitor, manage and configure the device from a web dashboard. They can set up perimeter safe areas with geofencing, allowing them to be notified when the watch exits that area. Along with the web dashboard, there is also an iOS and Android app available.

4. Freeus eCare+Voice:


Freeus eCare+Voice mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) enables seniors and individuals with special needs to live independently and call for help anytime, anywhere in the US where there is T-Mobile cellular coverage.

An emergency SOS button quickly connects the user with emergency care specialists who can track the user, dispatch local EMS, and relay user-provided information to first responders. The device works up to four days on a single charge and is small, lightweight and comfortable to wear. The device has two-way voice through for easy communication and a single button connects the user with the call center. The device uses GPS and cellular triangulation.

For Pets

5. Fitbark

The Fitbark device is mounted on the collar of your dog and has a 3 axis accelerometer so you can monitor the activity level and rest patterns of your pup with the paired app. This eliminates the guessing game. Now you can understand what kind of day their dog is having, monitoring the time he/she spends at certain energy levels. If the dog gets four extra hours of sleep maybe it is because he/she is starting to feel sick.


Insights like these can help the user make better decisions with their vet based off of monitoring their dog’s behavior and energy in real time. This pet wearable also lets you determine whether or not your dog is at a similar level of fitness and activity as other dogs.

The device is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and sends the data it collects from the onboard accelerometer to the companion smartphone app where it is visualized for the owner. To access data away from the home, Fitbark also offers a Wi-Fi connected base station which lets users stay connected to their pet while they are away from the home. new_wearables