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Oct 28, 2010 6:24:00 PM

Datalogic Mobile partners with Skyhook on Windows Mobile Devices

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Superior location performance assured on Datalogic Mobile devices with Skyhook

Bologna, and Boston, MA - October 28, 2010 - Datalogic Mobile, one of the world leaders in the mobile computing industry, and Skyhook,  the world leader in location positioning, context and intelligence, team up to deploy Skyhook's technology on Datalogic Mobile's solutions.               

Datalogic has signed an agreement to include Skyhook's Core Engine on its latest generation of mobile computers. Skyhook's software-only location system determines precise device location quickly and accurately by synthesizing data from Wi-Fi access points, GPS satellites and cell towers using advanced hybrid positioning algorithms. Datalogic Mobile will use this software to further develop its already wide range of connection possibilities, offering the enterprise the most complete solution for location positioning on the market.            

One of Datalogic Mobile's newest cutting edge mobile computers, Elf™, will be the first to include Skyhook's embedded technology. With the addition of Skyhook, this industrial PDA, designed to provide the best solution for any Field Service, Field Sales, Delivery, Retail or Logistics application, will increase its support and management of operators in the field even further by providing the most precise, reliable, and fastest location information available thanks to the geo-location concept.

Geo-location is at the center of mobile innovation, and is fundamental to many emerging mobile services for both business and consumers. Precise location information not only helps workers to find and navigate to destinations, it also enhances the logistical management and tracking of field resources. Whether the user is a cable company repairman, a package courier or a mobile sales associate, accurate location information will maximize efficiency and productivity.                   

“Pinpointing the exact location of operators in the field is critical for efficient field force management and logistics,” said Tom Burke, vice president, product marketing for Datalogic Mobile. “Skyhook's Core Engine provides Datalogic Mobile devices with the highest performing location capabilities in the ruggedized mobile data collection segment. We are enthusiastic about being one of the first in our industry to offer location-based services that go beyond basic A-GPS to include location fix both indoors and in obstructed outdoor situations.”   

“Skyhook is excited to expand into the enterprise market on this exciting new platform from Datalogic Mobile, a company that is always at the forefront in mobile computing solutions for the enterprise.” said Michael Shean, founder and senior vice president, business development, Skyhook.