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Jan 14, 2014 1:44:00 PM

The New My.Skyhook Account

Posted by Kipp Jones

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You may have noticed that Skyhook is rapidly changing. We are listening to the feedback of our users and the industry and doing a little bit of looking into our crystal ball. The result is the new My.Skyhook experience with an improved registration process, a dynamic view of analytics, a quicker way to access documentation and product evaluations and an easy way to keep track of projects that use Skyhook technology.  


Get started by creating your new My.Skyhook account to personalize your experience. Our streamlined registration process has been updated to make it easier for you to get from registration to your first Skyhook project. Just sign up and sign in to your account and you can get access to the Precision Location SDK as well as our newest product, Hyperlocal IP.  

Once you implement our API key within your application, you can look at usage reports in our Analytics tool that give you a dynamic view of how your application or device is performing. Skyhook Analytics is currently in Beta and we would love to hear your feedback and encourage you to tell us what other reports or information would be useful. 

Today My Analytics includes:

  • Heat maps visualizing where your app or device is being used
  • Graphs that show usage of your apps or devices over time


If you are looking for more information on our products, you can access detailed documentation in the designated Resources tab.


Exploring our products has never been easier. By entering into a product evaluation you can list and keep track of your Skyhook projects on your homepage.  Notifications of product updates, new releases, and bug fixes are also found on this page.  


Technical guidance or inspiration is easy to find with one-click access to log support cases. Your support ticket will travel to one of our Skyhook employees who will be thrilled to assist in the process.  

If you are already one of our current Precision Location partners, you are familiar with using realm and username for authentication. The new method of accessing the Precision Location SDK uses an API key for authentication instead of a realm and username. If you prefer to continue using the old method, don’t worry, your realm and username will still work! However, any new projects will need to use an API key.

As a current partner, a Skyhook account and API key have been pre-created on your behalf in order for you to access any existing location data. You will receive an email with this information and instructions on inviting additional users to your account.

If you are not an existing SDK user, create your own account and get started using the best location available today! We are inspired by your ideas and how you incorporate Skyhook into your products. We would love to hear more.