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Nov 12, 2013 12:59:00 PM

Welcome to the New Skyhook Website

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Welcome to the new face of Skyhook! Our new website just begins to scratch the surface in illustrating the endless possibilities for location intelligence to fly well beyond the mere provision of a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.  Yes, it it true that Skyhook pioneered many of the most important techniques and approaches that today power location on connected devices around the world.  But providing the world's most accurate indoor and outdoor location is just the beginning.  Over the past several years we have been quietly building new technologies and products to help enterprises and application developers take location into the future.  A future where context is king and where the data extracted from location is used to differentiate mobile over other mediums and where connected devices bridge the gap between the digital and non-digital worlds.  

location The new Skyhook brings location into a future where context is king.


Skyhook is and always has been "location".  We couldn't be more proud of our successes and how we have played our part in the mobile revolution over the past decade, yet we are even more excited about what is coming next.  As location moves from being an end to itself to being a data layer that helps us better understand users, places and context, Skyhook is recommitting to three key principles: We will work tirelessly to bring the world the very best technical solutions; we will continue to iterate our products and our internal processes to reduce friction and make it easy for our partners to quickly and as effortlessly as possible see value from us; and finally, we vow to continue rethinking what is possible and enable our partners to be leaders in their respective businesses.  

Mobility is changing the face of nearly every industry and location data sits squarely in the middle of it.  From advertising to city planning, from retail operations to digital security, from highly precise indoor applications to the need to cover the world with contextually relevant geofencing, Skyhook has an array of SDK and API solutions that can help.   Our goal is to enable our customers and partners in their efforts to build these next generation solutions.  

We love to talk, brainstorm, and respond to the needs of the mobile community so please enjoy our site, reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and grab some time with us face to face in upcoming events and shows.