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Mar 30, 2015 9:56:00 AM

Weft Taps Skyhook Wireless for Precise Location

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Global Logistics company adds precision location to their asset tracking offering.

BOSTONMarch 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Weft, a global logistics data company that helps businesses improve their supply chain productivity, announced that they have integrated Skyhook Wireless Precision Location into their asset tracking hardware.

"We are impressed with their aim to provide predictive location context intelligence around every truck, plane, ship and train," said Kipp Jones, Skyhook SVP of Product and Engineering. "Weft has patent-pending algorithms that use all kinds of contextual data to model activity and predict cargo arrival. And they're better than the drivers, conductors, and ship captains at doing so."

The integration, which allows companies tracking and insight into their assets in retail, grocery and pharmacy stores, significantly strengthens their  offering. "Skyhook is one of our major partners in location tracking and indoor location, so we can ensure that we know exactly where our customers' assets are - even in areas where traditional GPS falls short," said Weft Founder and CEO, Marc Held. "Through our comprehensive platform, we are able to capture things like global weather patterns, oil prices, port congestion, news, throughput, traffic conditions, market sentiment, and provide comprehensive route analysis based on proprietary geospatial datasets. After evaluating the major players in the industry, we have found Skyhook's extensi

ve network to be the most effective in improving our urban/indoor location accuracy."

Weft is one of the most cost-effective and precise cargo and asset tracking solutions in the market. Their products enable companies to save millions of dollars and countless hours of manpower by providing actionable insights they can use to make smarter decisions.

To learn more about the integration and Skyhook Wireless Location and Context, contact Dan Gill. For interest in Weft's logistics offerings contact Matt Morgan, VP of Business Development

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Weft is a global logistics data company that combines sensors and supply chain analytics to help businesses gain real-time asset intelligence, reduce disruption and improve operational productivity. A true end-to-end supply chain visibility solution, Weft uses every piece of data available, whether through proprietary sensors or external sources, to weave a complete picture that enables smarter logistics decisions. The Company develops hardware sensors in coordination with a software platform to reduce costs and improve delivery times for shipping carriers around the world. Weft is the single source of truth in global logistics. They are based in Boston, MA and backed by Andreeson Horowitz, Procyon Ventures, Bridge Boys, Data Elite Ventures, and Supply Chain Ventures. For more information, visit

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