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Feb 27, 2015 12:46:00 PM

Skyhook Speaks at Kochava & VentureBeat Mobile Summit

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The overwhelming sentiment is that we are ready for location context. The firehose of mobile, social, commerce, location, sensor, 3rd party and 2nd party data and making sense of it all was talked about on every panel and in every boardroom session.  variety_shot-5

Deeper understanding of users based on a cocktail of data allows apps and advertisers to deliver personalized, relevant content and dynamic experiences to mobile users. Anticipating what users are looking for and the functions they will need is a key component of making apps vital and delivering personalized content. Skyhook transforms location from a simple latitude and longitude to an essential, actionable data layer of context that helps our customers understand users while respecting their privacy.

Skyhook attended two events this month, joining in on the growing discussion around building context with location. It is all about knowing your users and knowing the people you are advertising to, and location is essential to this process.

Skyhook Speaks at Kochava Mobile Summit

Last week, Skyhook’s VP of Ad Tech, Matt Kojalo, spoke at the 2nd Annual Kochava Mobile Summit on creating dynamic user experiences and personas to decorate inventory for the ad tech industry.

Skyhook_Kojalo_Matt.pngThe event was a smaller, more intimate event that brought together thought leaders and industry experts in advertising, publishing, mobile tech and apps. One of the big topics discussed was attribution, or "clicks to bricks”, therefore location was a hot topic.  The event fostered great conversation and debate on how these industries will progress in 2015.

Read more about event here.

Skyhook Sponsors VentureBeat Mobile Summit

VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit offers a rare chance for senior executives to share their most pressing challenges — and the strategies to meet them — in an intimate peer-to-peer setting.

Schneider_Mike_skyhook_location_glyph.pngSkyhook’s Schneidermike had the opportunity to join a boardroom session with Hilton Hotel’s, Joshua Sloser, Alex and Ani’s Ryan Bonifacino and Groupon’s Sri Viswanath, to share ideas and insights on personalized marketing and how companies are using it to drive growth.

The VentureBeat Mobile Summit sparked conversations centered on the most current issues facing businesses and brands: integrating the in-app experience into a seamless offering that caters to the customer on their digital journey; the need for companies to master when and how to build new offerings, update features, and target finicky, savvy and busy customers; meeting customers’ expectations for immediate access to information and services in a minimum number of taps on their screen. And how all this builds competitive advantage.

 ScreenShot2015-02-27at1.01.44PMThe conference was truly a meeting of the minds, with thought leaders and industry experts sharing insights and debating ways to solve user’s problems. Here are some highlights:

MC Hammer spoke about what it takes to draw users to an app, commenting that the app has to have a good use case or a great game first and foremost - "a celebrity can make an app and draw in users, but you won't keep them if your game isn't good". He mentions that ⅓ of apps open from push alerts and notifications. 


Brian Wong, Founder and CEO of Kiip, shares that moment-based interactions are priceless and that “you have to align the right moment with the right brand.” It is all about creating experiences around moments that users will experience and having that experience mean something in that moment.

Kira Wampler, CMO at Lyft, explained that the vision of Lyft is to reconnect people in communities through better transportation. She says, “We bring together technology and have a welcoming, affordable memorable experience.” The goal is to maximize every car and power every driver. She mentions that it is important to continuously experiment and blend new media sources. “I see no reason why video with mobile is not one of the most explosive forms of media over the next 12-36 months. As marketers, you should be using a blend of art and science”. She also talks about shifting to capture evolving mobile capabilities, including tech such as geofencing. 

Joe Megibow, SVP/Chief Digital Officer at American Eagle Outfitters, explains that on the path to marketing nirvana, mobile understanding and multi-channel attribution models are still in their infancy. "The holy grail of mobile is getting the consumers to self-identify."

Dave Ewart, VP of Marketing and Growth Loggly, tweets out that when it comes to transportation, the mobile device is has replaced your car keys. The 'trade of value' for the consumer is paramount for engagement and trust. "I'll share my location to improve my results". When it comes to mobile, it's all about understanding the customer journey and the moments that matter.


Read more about the event here.