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Sep 25, 2014 10:00:00 AM

My.Skyhook Update: Managing Geofences and Advanced Analytics

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Along with the launch of Context this month, we’re excited to announce some major changes to the My.Skyhook web interface that will make it easier for our customers to explore and leverage Context functionality. We’ve analyzed our user data, taken some feedback, and set out to deliver the best tools for our customers to use our products, build projects and gain insights about their business.

The result is a revamped My.Skyhook interface that creates brand new ways to manage Geofences and analyze how your userbase is engaging with location and context-driven features in your app, device or platform.

Geofence Management for the Context SDK variety_shot-6

A core feature of Context is infinite geofencing. Context is all about delivering on the promise of geofencing at scale, and we simplify the process even further by allowing our customers to configure 1,000s or millions of pre-built geofences in seconds via a simple GUI rather than sourcing and coding them one by one. It really expands the range of what’s possible with geofencing today. My.Skyhook is the tool that enables our customers to select and deploy entire categories of venues or brands with just a few clicks by navigating through hierarchical taxonomies or through an elegant, powerful text search.

My.Skyhook Geofence Management geofencing

Each time a users enters or leaves a geofence our customer has assigned, Context sends the app a plain text Payload, which is configured through the My.Skyhook interface. Payloads can be messages for use in local notifications or code snippets that contain additional logic. They are completely open and flexible and simplify the delivery of powerful relevant content and experiences with the ease of use that you expect from Skyhook Context .


New Analytics for Your Users’ Location + Context

We’ve also added new views into user location requests and summary reports of their demographics and personas.

Our customers can now view the volume of location requests from their users’ by week, month or year.  Every app and device has unique goals and benchmarks, and these new options will allow customers to choose the timeframe that aligns with theirs. We’re excited about this new offering, and we’re looking forward to continuing to build out our reporting and analytics functions.



Our vision is for these summaries to provide a window into the characteristics and affinities of our customers' users and to give direct ad sales teams the data they need to attract more advertisers and improve user segmentation.

As we continue our tradition of innovation with Context and My.Skyhook, we’re constantly optimizing our products and improving the ways to access them. If you’d like to access our new features, contact us to get started.