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Mar 3, 2015 9:52:00 AM

Skyhook Partners With Footmarks To Provide Full Spectrum Location Context Solution

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BARCELONA, SpainMarch 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS — Skyhook Wireless, a worldwide leader in mobile location, and beacon technology company Footmarks, announced today that they are partnering to provide the most complete solution to optimize the customer journey across the entire location spectrum. 


The two companies recognize that app owners and device makers as well as their stakeholders like brands and marketers need more precise contextual insights about their customers fused with the ability to provide the most relevant experience at every possible interaction point -whether they are inside a venue they control or somewhere else.  A full spectrum, complete solution provides the tools to make the customer journey more engaging more relevant, more fluid and more frequent while opening up opportunities to increase revenue. It allows the app or device owner to analyze, act and repeat.

Skyhook's Context Accelerator will be integrated with Footmarks SmartConnect location beacon solution, which offers real world customer journey and campaign management so marketers and brands can deliver content and experiences to consumers at precise indoor locations.


By combining Skyhook Context Accelerator with Footmarks SmartConnect, developers can analyze location behavior from venue to aisle; deriving unprecedentedly precise customer intelligence in the form of actionable Personas while answering mission critical questions:

  • What are my interaction opportunities outside the store?
  • Who is my customer based on where they go?
  • When did they arrive in-store?
  • Did they visit / Are they inside a competitor's store?
  • Where did the customer interact with me in the store?

Furthermore, they can take action wherever their user is. For instance, Skyhook Context Accelerator's Infinite Geofences can trigger when a user enters a store and now, with Footmarks SmartConnect, can be as precise as X-meters so you know if your customer is in the plumbing aisle or toy department and even how close they are to the Legos®.  

"Today, less than 3% of retailers and venue owners know who is in and around their physical location. Within four years that number is expected to increase to 73%," said Preston Reed, Chief Strategy Officer at Footmarks. "Our partnership with Skyhook will allow us to accelerate that timeline by providing retailers and venue owners with insights into their customers as they arrive on site, and even more importantly we can anticipate the customer's intent."

The partners' technologies present significant opportunities across enterprise, retail, restaurant, travel & hospitality, events and entertainment apps to optimize the customer journey. 

"In retail, it's just as important to interact with your customer in the store as it is at home - or in your competitor's store," said Kipp Jones, Skyhook SVP of Engineering and Product. "Skyhook and Footmarks give them the most precise customer behavior so they can decide how best to serve them with guidance, content, offers or whatever they dream up."

To learn more about the integration and how your company can access the beta program contact us here.

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