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Apr 1, 2014 7:37:00 AM

Skyhook Releases Location-based Chocolate and Enters Edibles Market

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Boston, MA - Continuing Skyhook’s mission to constantly reinvent location across mobile and wearable devices, operating systems, applications and chips, we take the next step today as we launch our latest location-based technology.

“We are proud and excited to enter the edibles market with the Skyhook Bar.” said Jeff Glass, CEO.

The Skyhook Bar is a line of location-based chocolate that creates further opportunities for brands to gain valuable, anonymous insights on consumer behavior to provide them with more relevant content, higher-value timely ads and delicious treats.

Eat A Bar, Know Where You Are!

Skyhook has developed nano technology that lives in human cells and hooks them up to Wi-Fi to give them the power of the world-wide web. We have taken virtual reality to the next level through edibles allowing companies to build apps that give people special location abilities. Like Robocop.

“Skyhook’s patent pending location-based chocolate tech bonds nanotranscopular Wi-Fi grapuloids to human leukocytes to enable them to interface regularly with Wi-Fi access points.”  said Farshid Alizadeh, Chief Scientist. “Skyhook’s intrinsic neurosystemoconTM allows a user to enjoy their chocolate and control privacy by thinking public thoughts. And man, is this stuff delicious!”

How it Works


The effects of the bar are everlasting and come in 5 delicious flavors.  

  • Raspberry Relevance

  • Caramel Context

  • Peanut Positioning

  • Geofence Ganache

  • Red Velvet Venues

“We mix our chocolate by waterfall for better eater experience (EX).” said SchneiderMike, VP of Marketing. He exclaimed, "This chocolate product is scrumdiddlyumptious. We already working on our gobstopper for Q2 2015. We also expect to continue our expansion into the chip market with chocolate chips in Q3."  Schneider adds, “If you liked what we do with chocolate, wait until you see what we do with Raspberry Pi.”