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Jun 8, 2015 8:51:07 AM

Skyhook Job Spotlight: Product Manager for Apps in Boston, MA

Posted by Danielle Goodman

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Are you looking to help influence the direction of the mobile location industry? Do you want to work with products that span the entire mobile ecosystem, from Apps to Ad Tech to OEMs?

Lucky for you, Skyhook is growing rapidly - and we are looking for a Product Manager for our mobile apps business who has hands on experience building mobile apps, understands the app development ecosystem and truly cares about user experience. This is a big, well-defined role that will be responsible for long-term strategy (including pricing), channel strategy, evangelism and general product management leadership. 

We are the location leaders. We literally put location on the map. Skyhook’s scale, product suite and customer portfolio is significant, global, and growing. Our existing and future services are highly transactional and generate massive sets of data that will fuel our next wave of innovation.

You will contribute to Skyhook’s deep portfolio of intellectual property that is foundational to mobile location and location-based contextual enrichment.  

We look for the following in a Product Manager: 

Passion for building products that change industries and thrill customers.

Product Managers must be able to inspire confidence and excite people about possibilities. This isn’t just about the idea; this is making ideas into reality and taking them to market. Product Managers are fanatical about getting market feedback and analyzing performance to benefit the next version. Product Managers develop and execute strategies that secure and grow new and existing partnerships that extend the distribution of Skyhook technology across a range of devices, apps and advertising technology providers.

You must be someone who loves mobile apps and has an insatiable desire to create cool user experiences through location-based context. You will be a brand builder, attend meet-ups and hack-a-thons and drive grassroots adoption of Skyhook’s SDK.

Deep understanding of potential customers and the competition.

Product Managers see the big picture. They develop qualitative knowledge of industries and distill it into product roadmaps. They justify the investment by building economic models that demonstrate our potential for customer success and growth in the marketplace.

You must have the ability to deliver. This isn’t just about the idea; this is about taking those ideas to market. It is about working across the company and outside the company to make the idea a reality.

Strong ability to work across functions.

It’s all about teamwork.


 About Skyhook:

In 2003 we developed an innovative way to obtain location. Using Wi-Fi signals would be faster, more precise and battery-friendly than GPS and cell-towers alone. We foresaw the mass adoption and proliferation of mobile technology that would make our idea useful for every device on the planet. We got to work on collecting the locations of billions of Wi-Fi access points worldwide and building the infrastructure and software to deliver the information.

Interested, or want to learn more? Check out the Skyhook Careers Page to read the full job description, apply, or to see our other available positions we’re hiring for!Careers_header