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May 6, 2015 10:11:42 AM

Skyhook Job Spotlight: Geospatial Lead Developer In Boston, MA

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Do you want to see your work used on millions of devices? Do you get a kick when your friends are actually using the software you've coded?

Lucky for you, Skyhook is growing rapidly - and we are looking for a Geospatial Lead Developer to  join our creative, passionate and driven team. Our headquarters in Boston’s exciting Innovation District are filled with Ideapaint, standing desks, bean bag chairs, crowd-controlled Sonos radio, and a kitchen full of snacks. Our office is a collaborative open space that allows all of our teams to create together - and innovation is in our DNA.

Skyhook’s Geospatial Lead Developer builds the data and processes that make the world in your phone match the shape and detail of the world outside.   

Geo is the base of all Skyhook does, as such the Geo Lead will be at the intersection of our products, marketing, customers, and operations.

Geo-Product_Skyhook_geospatial-insights.pngThe Geospatial Lead Developer will be responsible for investigating, evaluating, and implementing geospatial solutions throughout Skyhook. Working within the Geo Team he/she will interface closely with engineering and product groups as well as geographic data consumers across the company.  The Geo Lead will guide in design, development, and refinement of spatial analytical and visualization products, data ingestion processes and will be able to operationalize these into structured releases where practical.

We look for the following in a Geospatial Developer:

Passion and Self Motivation

A self-motivated team player who thrives in an intellectually vibrant environment and loves consuming technology as well as creating it. They will have passion for geospatial data and procedures, as well as strong background and experience in geographic analysis and visualization. This background should include solid knowledge of traditional GIS as well as strong facility with neo-geographic tools and principles.


Clear understanding of programming principles and design patterns, specifically in areas of geographic operations and spatial logic; Familiarity with and comfort in programming and scripting languages, preferably including java and python.  

You are a fast learner with strong problem-solving and communication abilities. You have superior technical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to lead small teams through development cycles to produce clean deliverables.  

Strong Documentation and Communication Skills

The ability to work in a highly dynamic environment with multiple tasks and to collaborate with peers across organizational structures.  You are a key contributor to our process and team culture, continually iterating on how we build product, not just what we build.


About Skyhook: In 2003 we developed an innovative way to obtain location. Using Wi-Fi signals would be faster, more precise and battery-friendly than GPS and cell-towers alone. We foresaw the mass adoption and proliferation of mobile technology that would make our idea useful for every device on the planet. We got to work on collecting the locations of billions of Wi-Fi access points worldwide and building the infrastructure and software to deliver the information.

Interested, or want to learn more? Check out the Skyhook Careers Page to read the full job description, apply, or to see our other available positions we’re hiring for!Careers_header