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Sep 24, 2014 10:01:00 AM

Skyhook Announces Context SDK

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We are excited to announce the release of our newest product: Context. Context is a platform that combines Skyhook’s rich location data with a layer of context to allow our customers to deliver personalized, relevant content and dynamic experiences to mobile users.

Today’s announcement brings about a fundamental shift in the way anyone, at any stage of development or growth, can add functionality and deliver experiences that were previously too costly, too time consuming or just plain hard.

Skyhook is and always has been "location."  With Context, Skyhook transforms location from a simple latitude and longitude to an essential actionable data layer of context that helps our customers understand users while respecting their privacy. We are incredibly proud of our team’s successes, as we have played our part in the mobile location revolution over the past decade - which makes us even more excited about today’s release.


Here are some of the new features rolling out today with our new Context platform:

Infinite_Geofences_iconGeofences: Deploy and manage geofences around any number of brand locations or 2000+ venue categories using industry-standard IAB and Google AdWord™ taxonomies. Apps and publishers use Infinite Geofences to deliver more targeted mobile experiences in real-time and create or enhance revenue streams.


persona_iconPersonas: Creates anonymized views of users’ real-world behaviors and demographics. Apps, advertisers and publishers use Personas to deliver the most relevant content to drive further engagement and grow revenue.


hyperlocalIP_IconHyperlocal IP: Positions IP addresses with unmatched accuracy using ground-truth methodologies. Advertisers, apps and publishers use Hyperlocal IP to improve ad targeting, derive more value from impressions and increase conversions.


my.skyhokk_icon(2)My.Skyhook: Provides a web-based interface for building, managing and analyzing Skyhook-powered projects. App developers and advertisers use My.Skyhook to manage and optimize the Context and Precision Location features in their products.


The common thread among all of our customers is that they need to provide the most timely, relevant experiences to their users. We made Context easy to incorporate into any development stack to simplify the process and to leverage the power of our first party location network made up of billions of access points, precessing hundreds of billions of location requests.

Context has proven successful for apps and adtech prior to launch. For example: a leading retail app with millions of users saw significant increase in user engagement metrics, including: a 2x lift in average session length, 57% growth in daily active users and 79% growth in sessions per day.  A leading advertising platform is excited about 20% improvement in campaign performance.

You are already in the process of making your company the next success story. Let us help you accelerate that process with location and actionable context powered by Skyhook. box_reveal_heading4