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Oct 31, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Getting to Know the Monsters of Halloween with Skyhook Personas

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We get it, Halloween monsters can be scary. But maybe that’s just because you don’t know enough about them.

With the release of Skyhook Context, our Personas unlock user demographics, interests, and intents based on location history and mobile behavior. We have a long list of Personas that we have created including the Luxury Shopper, Auto Intender and Sports Fan.

So with this kind of information available and in the spirit of Halloween, we decided to build some new Personas to take a closer look at where these monsters go and what they are interested in.  

  1. Vampires. Do not leave their home during the day, walks around all night. Return before sunrise. Never goes grocery shopping. Homed in cemeteries and caves, frequents blood drives and blood banks. Only mobile activity happens at night, shops or works at Hot Topic.Skyhook Halloween Vampire.png

  1. Jason Vorhees. Frequents summer camps with lakes - mostly abandoned ones. Visits NHL stadiums, shops at garden supply stores.

  1. Freddy Krueger. Lives on Elm streets, most mobile activity between the hours of 3-5am, frequents welding supply, hat and sweater shops, multiple dermatologist appointments.

  1. Headless Horsemen. Very frequent visits to equestrian shops, as well as venues that sell or have pumpkins available - such as orchards, grocery stores, etc. Can be seen with the most activity in graveyards at night.

  1. Werewolves. Homed in wooded areas with lots of mobile activity during full moons. They frequent butchers and meat markets, as well as outdoor camping / hunting shops.

  1. Zombies. No consistent home, slow moving, no visits to grocery stores, focused in urban and populated areas, eat at universities.

  1. Mummies. Shop at pharmacies (for bandages), frequent museums, shop at Kay Jewelers for gold because “Every Kurse begins with K”, frequents cat shelters and pet supply stores, Skyhook Halloween Mummy.pngand likes 80's songs - such as “Walk like an Egyptian”. personas_streetscene2

Skyhook's Context unlocks users Personas: their demographics, interests, and intents based on location history. Our out-of-the-box Personas are market-ready for you to customize content or pass anonymized user data to your advertisers or other 3rd party partners. To learn more about Skyhook Personas, contact us today.


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