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May 27, 2009 3:30:00 AM

ZOS Communications Launches Hybrid Location-Based Messaging Platform

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Santa Barbara, Calif. - May 27, 2009 - Today, ZOS Communications announced availability of its location aware applications on RIM, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms, bringing a more consistent and accurate location service to consumers and businesses. ZOS Communications' technology, combined with hybrid location positioning from Skyhook Wireless, enables the transmission of location information paired with data, making location based services useful to consumers and businesses in real time. The first application is called Zhiing, a location messaging service for consumers.

"As more and more people buy smart devices, location needs to make the transition from a feature to a utility, so that is what we set out to do," said Jon Ziskind, president and co-founder, ZOS Communications. "Just like sending a text, people should be able to send their location to friends, co-workers and family and our service enables just that, which should result in lots of time saved and frustration spared. Most importantly, the user should be in control of their location at all times so that it is not broadcasted."  


ZOS Communications is the first company to make desktop and mobile location messaging easy with an IM-like client that lets users send real-time, turn-by-turn directions. ZOS Communications has integrated XPS from Skyhook Wireless, which combines Wi-Fi Positioning, Cell ID and GPS, to assure that users have the most accurate information about their location at all times. The ZOS platform is map agnostic and works with all the major providers like Telenav, Telemap, Tele Atlas, Google Mobile Maps as well as Navteq which enables developers to add voice-activated directions.

"Across multiple platforms, ZOS Communications' apps provide the most accurate location-based information to their users" said Kate Imbach, director of marketing and developer programs at Skyhook Wireless. "We are excited to partner with ZOS Communications and enhance their apps with better location information."


ZOS Communications features an enterprise-ready platform for applications that delivers location and other data captured from mobile devices in real time. ZOS does this by creating a dynamic, real-time geofence so that companies can serve up important points of interest within a certain perimeter as users' move through the world. Whether identifying new leads or planning a sales route, ZOS ensures employees are receiving location information and turn-by-turn directions in real time. The benefits to emergency response professionals, taxi services, mobile fleets, etc. is a whole new layer of information that helps organizations make better decisions, reduce risks, control costs, save time and maximize efficiency by using the ZOS platform.


Zhiing, ZOS Communications' free consumer application for smartphones, allows users to connect to people, places and services anywhere at anytime, giving users complete control of their location. Unlike many social network apps, you don't need to sign up or put any of your personal information into an account to use it. Zhiing allows users to send their current location or an alternative location for use at a later time. The Zhiing app allows you to store locations just like you would email or SMS messages. When you click on your Zhiing message, it opens up and allows you to navigate using turn by turn directions or provides a link if you haven't already downloaded the app so that it can work on any web-enabled phone.  Zhiing is a great tool for sending your location to one or many people, whether you know the address.  Zhiing also let you plug in locations you may visit in the future, so you can get directions to that location no matter where you are at the moment.

ZOS is the first company to make desktop to mobile location messaging easy with an IM-like client that allows users to send location data and maps between the phone and the browser. These combined features allow users to communicate with and monitor family and friends locations without the additional cost of a family finder service. ZOS will also be releasing a premium service featuring voice activated turn-by-turn directions, providing a hand free and safe navigation experience.