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Mar 29, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Coming Up: AdAge Webinar, VIP Event and More at Skyhook

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There's a lot going on at Skyhook in the next fews weeks. After a successful launch of our Context 2.0 SDK release that allows apps to validate when users are in-store (without beacons), there are a whole new set of use cases for geofencing available for retail, wearable tech and mobile. Not only that, but we're gaining momentum in the advertising space with a few new partnerships and campaigns. 

If you're looking for events that connect you with thought leaders and new prospects, or you want to know how Skyhook Personas can power your next advertising campaign, check out the following events. Feel free to reach out using the links below. We look forward to meeting you! 

AdAge Webinar


Date: March 30th @ 1PM EST.

Location: Dial-in anywhere

Why tune in: Join JJ Schmukler of Y&R and David Bairstow of Skyhook as they talk about the state of the Advertising ecosystem and the challenges advertisers face today when using location data.  Learn about the innovation taking place with Location-Based Services and get actionable next steps in leveraging:

  • Location-based audience insights
  • Location-based targeting and retargeting
  • ROI - Store visit Attribution and measuring campaign success

Join the discussion on Twitter: @AdAge @Skyhook 

Register here 


VIP Event- Cocktail Hour at Sky Room NYC

Date: April 5th, 5:30-8:30pm

Location: Sky Room Rooftop Lounge, New York, NY

Why attend: Join Skyhook, advertising and brand leaders along with special guest speaker JJ Schmuckler, Global CMO at Y&R at Sky Room rooftop lounge to learn more about how accurate location can help targeting and attribution in advertising while enjoying complimentary hors d'ouevres and drinks.  

Click here to request an invite


Verifone Attribution Webinar 


Date: TBD

Location: Dial-in anywhere

Why tune in: Please join Skyhook and Verifone Media for a primer on creating an effective integrated advertising strategy - one that spans out of home media, such as pump top ads to mobile ads and incorporates effective measurement tools to accurately capture campaign results.

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • Using data to optimize campaigns
  • Leveraging accurate location to enhance results 
  • Connecting out of home ad exposure with in-store foot traffic
  • Measuring campaign results using mobile-based attribution
  • Using personas to enhance retargeting 

Register here

Not able to make it to any of the events above but would still like to connect? Send us an inquiry here.