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Jan 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

CES 2017: Don't Miss These 6 Hot Smart Device Companies

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CES 2017 starts our year off with the promise of futuristic tech coming to life. While drone-controlled cameras, self-driving cars and augmented reality sets have dominated the buzz reel for CES in times past, interesting things are happening in the device space that need notice. 

There's still plenty of headroom in the health & fitness wearables market with 81% of consumers citing purchasing interest, but our recent consumer study revealed the wearables’ next great market opportunity lies in devices that help track the whereabouts of family members and protect their safety. While 2016 was dominated by the fitness wearable, you’ll see more family-focused devices with safety features and modular wearables take the floor this year.

Wearables_location-header-image_2016While you may be tempted to spend your time on the show floor testing headset-less VR or ogling the latest Tesla, make a point to checkout what the following 5 companies are up to: 


revolar wearable safety.jpgThe word Revolar means “to take flight again” in Spanish, which pulls from CEO Jacqueline Ros mission for this new safety wearable. After her sister was assaulted as a teen, Ros was inspired to create a device that would have helped her sister in her time of need.

The Revolar wearable sends alerts by connecting to a free app on your smartphone through bluetooth, which won’t noticeably impact your phone’s battery life. You can choose up to 5 friends and family members as your Revolar contacts, and you’ll never pay a new monthly fee to alert them. The wearable works all over the world — anywhere your smartphone has cell coverage or WiFi. If you’d like to get in touch with Revolar, follow Jaqueline on Twitter at @Jackie_Ros.


This modular smartwatch lets consumers design their perfect wearable. The BLOCKS core is fitted with movement sensors (gyroscope, pedometer, accelerometer), bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi and an e-compass. You can add new features or upgrade existing ones to infinitely expand the functionality of the watch, but the true beauty of the device comes with its open platform for developers. Making a module is easier than re-engineering an entire device. BLOCKS open platform hopes to bring down the cost and effort of making new technology, making the latest tech available to consumers faster. You can follow BLOCKS on Twitter at @chooseblocks.



This household name had a whole slew of smart home appliances planned for release in 2016 as a part of the Everyday Care campaign, which refocuses technology as a key part of how families care for each other. Last year, they set up an interactive experience that took you through a day in the life with a completely connected home, which may return. Watch out for their WLabs incubator releases which include a smart garbage can which can compost your trash in a day, and a beer fermentor and dispenser that dispenses your home-made batches in a week. Visit them at the Sands Expo booth #41730 or follow along on Twitter using #EveryDayCare.


karma-drone-main.pngThe action camera leader had a tumultuous 2016, but 2017 is a whole new year. Some have said that GoPro’s opportunities in the drone market are vast, but improvements need to be made in order to embed themselves further as a legitimate player. Suggestions for their Karma? Enhance the battery life and include standard features like auto-follow. Make sure to stop by their booth to see what they have planned for the future. Check them out at booth #14141 or follow them on Twitter @GoPro.

Under Armour

Under Armour’s first smart shoe was released early last year, so they’ll be showing off their latest line at CES 2017. The new line of Record Equipped shoes can track your steps and offer insight on muscle fatigue. Once connected to the partnering mobile app - MapMyRun - the technology embedded in the shoes can help track an athlete's recovery status over time and provides immediate guidance on how to alter the intensity of a workout. Visit their booth (#43912) to see the shoes in action and follow them on Twitter @UnderArmour.UA_smart-shoes.pngBuddi

lavender_wristband_34.jpgThis wearable is the self proclaimed go anywhere, anytime personal emergency response service for anyone living alone, traveling abroad, at risk for falling or a health emergency. When the alert button is pressed, a 24hr monitoring service can find your precise location (powered by Skyhook), communicate through the attached wearable to establish the kind of assistance you need and notify your emergency contacts. The wearable also allows you to monitor your activity levels and sleep patterns to help regulate your health and fitness goals. Additional safety features allow your close contacts to be notified of your emergency, and set activity levels and safe spaces. Follow the team on Twitter at @buddi_gps.

Want to learn more about our work providing location to devices and wearables? To set up a meeting with our team at CES contact us here.