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Apr 15, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Benefits of Having Location Services Turned On

Posted by Oleg Kamenetsky

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Most of us are heavy users of our smart devices -- for tasks like accessing local information such as weather, social media, mobile banking, reading the news and searching for local services. These interactions would be meaningless without users sharing their location. Whether using biometrics to unlock your iPhone, or sharing your location information to play Pokemon Go; having location services turned on is crucial in extracting all the benefits your smart device has to offer. We’ve pulled together the most useful benefits for consumers who choose to share their personal location data through their smart devices.

Safety and Security

Location data plays a key role in smart devices ensuring child safety, providing parents with peace of mind knowing their children are safe and where they should be. Similarly location data helps emergency workers in locating elders who might be alone and in need of assistance in the case of an emergency.
Location data also plays a key role when it comes to personal financial security -- in the case of stolen identity or fraudulent charges. By sharing your location data with your financial institution, you can help ascertain where you are located at a given time and whether you are responsible for specific transactions. If a transaction occurs 1,000 miles away from where you’re located, it’s clearly a fraudulent transaction.

More Personalized and Relevant Content

Smart devices are created to improve the lives of their users. Introducing location data into the mix only enables your smart devices to serve you with personalized and relevant content like:
  • Providing you push notifications on traffic patterns for your route to work
  • Notifying you of any specials or coupons that may be available at your daily coffee stop
  • Virtual concierge service, based on your location at any given time. Your device can deliver personalized content like offers from a particular store you are about to enter, or suggestions for best dining options around you


Travel is another activity where users rely heavily on their smart devices. Whether it is to access a boarding pass, to get directions from the airport to your hotel, or to schedule taxi service pickups. Smart devices can help improve your travel experience in ways never before imagined:
  • Keeping your family and friends notified of your whereabouts as you travel
  • Virtual concierge service, get suggestions based on venues you have historically visited
  • Ask for help from locals - suggestions for dinner and local attractions, or if you’re stuck on the highway with a flat tire
  • Log your stops and share your favorite destinations with family and friends
Turning on location data in a smart device can be extremely valuable. Location services allow users to feel safer in times of emergencies, aid in serving personalized and relevant content, and even help users stay organized while traveling. 
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