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Jan 20, 2015 11:32:00 AM

What Do Those in the User Experience Field Care About Most?

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With the new year well underway, we wanted to get a fresh take on what the app community - specifically those responsible for User Experience (UX) are going to be focusing on this year. We opened the floor to those who lead UX initiatives in top apps, design agencies, and team leaders to get their perspective on where the direction of UX development is heading in the months to come.

We spoke to those interested in UX and UI design, mostly B2B and some B2C. Projects ranged from understanding and applying user-emotions and how they can be applied in the development of User-Centered Systems to re-envisioning of customer-facing Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet and SmartWatch experiences.

Here’s what they had to say:

What UX trends do you foresee as being most critical as we enter 2015?

  • I think that I will focus on user data mining. Profile users, in order to know best what they need and their expectations. My keyword will be: to measure.tweet_icon

  • In general I think that I will not focus on building something new but to improve existing solutions. I will do this, and I think also other apps will as well.

  • Trends are so difficult to anticipate and even more difficult to follow. My suggestion is: do what you need. We need to do what we need, without losing focus on something that doesn't add any additional value to a project. An example: it's useless to spend hours for an eye-tracking tasks if we don't need it. Every method has to be used at the right time.

  • One thing that I hope would be a good trend is rapid prototyping. Faster and faster, it's a crucial task, I hope every ux designer would take care of that.

  • As usability has become something that every or most programmers handle today, so will user experience be an awareness of developers in 2015. It is not how many designers you have onboard but how well they are integrated into the development process that counts.tweet_icon

  • Building software portfolios that are well tuned in terms of UX are the trend of 2015. So the task or focus for UX workers is to build this awareness into the organization and then make the move into customer experience.

What new UX projects, capabilities or designs are you most excited about?

  • Two-way conversation for delivering a more human experience. The methodologies to make users think less by simplifying the task, impart happiness & persuade them to do the task you want them to do.tweet_icon

  • Dashboard design with great visualization to give quick and easy view of information. This will enable users to act on that information.

  • Apps will be spending most the time & money this year on creating ‘sticky’ user experience - the experience which will keep users interested and engaged.tweet_icon


  • I'm interested in every design that focuses on specific users: such as projects with the elderly.

  • This year will be more centered in Ubiquity tech and Physical Computing on where we'll need to understand the flow of emotions in real-time.

  • Breaking the mold of the typical website.

  • “We are really excited by the challenge of taking an already financially successful online offering and completely re-envisioning it for multiple devices to create a truly seamless and intuitive user experience. Given the complex nature of our offering, however, this still remains a stiff challenge - that said, we have an incredible team to meet that challenge.

  • Coordinating a coherent experience across platforms and through time, designing an unmistakably valuable service offerings with several key touchpoints.tweet_icon

What are your biggest challenges today?

app ux
  • Design the UX and UI that can solve problems and make users happy.

  • Improve our own User-Emotion Analytics System to can support Physical Interactions.

  • Navigation patterns. As mobile becomes more familiar and commonplace to users, we spend a good deal of time on navigation patterns.

  • Meeting the ever-changing needs of devices at our users' disposal represents our biggest challenge today, and the proliferation of SmartWatches make that challenge even more complex - given the reduced real estate available.tweet_icon

  • As always, empowering all the stakeholders to add in a consistent and coherent way to the value of the service.

Any other comments you have?

  • UX was a part of development a long time ago but the web came and everything had to happen fast. Now quality is back as a major driver and the UX processes are back in new wrapping.

  • UX isn't difficult if the right people are engaged at the right part of the process. It gets me how many so-called experts seem too ready to over complicate it. Keep it simple, friends!tweet_iconvariety_shot-5