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Jan 6, 2015 11:35:00 AM

Skyhook Speaks on Appnation Panel at CES: The Power of Proximity

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We’ve had a busy week here at Skyhook, where we have just announced a partnership with FiLip Technologies to power location for their devices, as well as having an exciting first few days out at CES in Las Vegas.

Yesterday, our own Schneidermike was invited to participate on a panel during the Appnation Conference, an apps event held within CES. The panel was called “The Power of Proximity - Beacons, Wi-Fi, Location-Based Apps & More”. Fellow panel members included heavy hitters from Razorfish, Coca-Cola, StubHub, and

Given the excitement (hype?) around beacons, the steadfastness of wi-fi, and explosion of emerging connected devices, this engaging roundtable offered a more valuable approach to “futurescaping” and looked at how emerging platforms, connected devices, wireless protocols, and apps are coming together to create an entirely new proximity-based consumer experience and form of engagement.




The panel of experts was led by Jeremy Lockhorn, the VP of Emerging Media and Mobile Lead for Razorfish. They discussed on how mobile is blowing apart the traditional consumer funnel, which devices and platforms will make the cut in regards to providing marketers with valuable, real-time customer engagement opportunities, and how developers can build killer apps that take advantage of this perfect storm of technology disruption.


Panel Members:

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