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Nov 3, 2014 10:00:00 AM

eBook: Your Mobile App Survival Guide with Dynamic User Experience

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With 50 million apps downloaded every day, launching a successful app in today’s mobile ecosystem is incredibly difficult. User attrition is at an all time high--95% of apps are abandoned within a month, 1 in 4 are abandoned after a single day. That leaves an elite 5% of apps that keep users hooked.

Apps need to differentiate from the other 1.2 million apps in the app store, and from other apps on each user’s device--26 on average. Only apps that are vital and deliver personalized experiences that fit into the context of their users’ day-to-day lives will succeed.

Location-based context can help apps make the elite 5% by helping developers:


1. Enhance user engagement with rich audience context

Knowing more about your user’s interests and behavior is now a reality. Location data provides richer insights into users’ behavior and interest. In order for your app to be successful you must gather and interpret as much contextual data on your users as possible. Only then can you build an app that becomes a vital part of the user’s daily life. As an app developer, the end goal should be delivering personalized experiences to each individual user.


2. Deliver valuable user experiences with appticipation

Contextual data is critical to delivering the most relevant and valuable experiences to users in real-time, as well as driving global optimization of an app to suit the entire app audience better. Dynamic user experiences can respond to the user’s intent, adapt to the user’s location, change based on time of day, and tune to the user’s skill level. A successful app has the ability to think ahead and know what a user will want to do.

3. Increase downloads, repeat sessions and in-app revenue

Implementing a dynamic user experience will ultimately result in better ratings and reviews to stand out in the app store, leading to lift in average session length, growth in daily active users and growth in sessions per day.

Great UX is important for user engagement but also critical for monetization and revenue. In the last year, app developers have quickly shifted their monetization strategy toward in-app purchases and in-app advertising. For developers, growing mobile app revenue is not about how many people pay to download an app. It's about getting the app into as many hands as possible and getting those users addicted to the app. An engaged user base maximizes ad impressions and add-ons purchases of virtual currency and premium features. Apps are now more dependent than ever on having a great UX because keeping the user engaged with the app is not only about improving metrics, it’s also about increasing revenue.

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