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May 19, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Real Estate Apps Can Generate Revenue, Improve UX with Contextual Data

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Real Estate companies are unique in the mobile app ecosystem in that users download apps for the period of time while they’re in the market for a new home. How can real estate apps build an intelligent, intuitive mobile experience that overcomes the challenges of limited user data?

Adding location-based context in the form of geofencing, anonymized personas and venue profiles empowers app developers to create dynamic mobile experiences that endear users and boost business metrics.

Real Estate apps can generate additional revenue and deliver intuitive user experiences with context by:

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1. Displaying Relevant Venues Nearby

Often, real estate apps have a limited view of new users. Skyhook’s Personas help categorize users based on their mobile behavior and the types of places they go. These Personas can help your app surface the neighborhood information to customers based on what matters to them most: nearby restaurants, schools, stores or transportation.

2. Increasing Buyer Intelligence for Agents

Offer premium data features that entice more agents to pay for their listing on your network. By accessing User Personas, your agents can better understand their client’s needs. Through look-a-like modeling, your app can recommend housing types and neighborhoods based on what similar app users are looking for.

Bottom Line
Context can dynamically change user experience and increase app engagement by showing users the real estate that they care about most. Agents can better understand their clients with access to personas, enabling additional revenue for real estate apps who can charge a premium for this buyer intelligence. Users receive a more intuitive user experience with real estate apps that can provide them with relevant information and recommend real estate that matches with what they are looking for.