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May 30, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Differentiate Your Travel App and User Experience with Location Data

Posted by Skyhook

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Today, 33% of consumers are researching and booking travel accommodations via their smartphones while on the go, according to a recent TripAdvisor survey. The rate at which consumers adopt travel apps is well documented - World Travel Market predicts that by 2017, mobile channels will account for 30% of travel sales. Travel companies face the challenge of differentiating their app by building an experience users can’t imagine traveling without.

Travel apps can deliver dynamic user experiences with contextual data in multiple ways:

1. Provide Personal Concierge Service

If a travel app helps users explore their travel destinations, contextual data can power personalized city guides. Apps can to deliver hyperlocal content about restaurants and landmarks as users walk by them in real time by leveraging Infinite Geofencing. Travel apps using location-based context can recommend points of interest to each user based on the interests of similar users with anonymous Personas.

Travel apps and context

2. Enable Relevant Experiences and Hassle-Free Travel

If your app helps users book reservations and check into their travel arrangements, your app can intuitively react to their environment. Skyhook can power your app’s ability to pre-load boarding passes when your user arrives at an airport or train station, or pre-load hotel reservations when your user enters her hotel lobby. With access to our millions of venues, you’re even able to deliver deals and offers from partner retailers based on their proximity to your users.

3. Enrich Customer Data

If your app has a limited view of users based on search history or a few purchases, Personas provide you with anonymized insights into their interests and activities. Skyhook can improve your understanding of how much of your customers’ share of wallet you have yet to capture by knowing when a user travels using a competing brand.

The Bottom Line

Skyhook’s Context SDK empowers app developers to create dynamic mobile experiences that endear users and boost business metrics. It includes the ability to deploy and manage an infinite number of client-side geofences, build anonymized personas of users and create rich contextual venue profiles.personas_streetscene