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With Context, marketers can monitor proximity to a venue AND the exact moment when consumers cross the threshold of a store.

BOSTON - February 21, 2017 - Skyhook, the world’s leading independent location platform, today announced Skyhook Context 2.0 release. Using Wi-Fi signals and geospatial insights Skyhook Context provides unprecedented location precision for marketers to engage with opted-in mobile consumers. For retail brands, this highly accurate approach to geofencing increases foot traffic, drives consumer engagement and loyalty, validates advertising spend through foot-traffic measurement (attribution) and transforms location data into valuable customer analytics.

According to BIA Kelsey, geotargeted mobile advertising sales are expected to rise to $32.4 billion in 2021 as brands seek to capitalize on the surging opportunity to market “in the moment” to thousands of mobile users. To date, however, the tools available have literally missed the mark. Solutions that rely solely on traditional geofencing are imprecise - they only capture activity within a predetermined range of a location, meaning your target customer could be driving past or simply nearby. Alternatives like beacons are battery-draining and require time-consuming and expensive hardware setup, operations and maintenance.

venuelock_header_2.pngBy contrast, Context provides -- at enterprise scale -- advanced venue detection capabilities to identify a store’s unique identity, enabling you to capture the exact moment a user enters your location. This previously unattainable accuracy means brands can now confidently verify a user's precise location, collect valuable user insights and instantly trigger messages to the user’s smartphone.


 “Location-based marketing is not a new concept, but brands and agencies often default to a ‘close enough is good enough’ approach because the technology was inadequate. That’s not the case any more,” said Mark Donatelli, Executive Director Global Data Strategy & Planning at Y&R/VML. “Skyhook’s advancements in location offer true next-gen marketing and analytics innovation, enabling marketers to now make more data-driven decisions.”

Using Skyhook Context, retail, loyalty and payment brands/apps can now:

  • Drive local foot traffic to a specific store (even within a mall) and confirm with confidence when users are visiting a location or venue
  • Identify loyal customers and reward them with relevant offers, increasing engagement
  • Strategically promote personalized deals & offers based on customer behavior and location
  • Create seamless experiences by triggering mobile payment workflows at the checkout counter
  • Measure consumer loyalty by comparing foot traffic against competitors
  • Access cross-channel intelligence to fuel mobile marketing initiatives 

"Our mission with Context is to equip brands with the insights they need to build superior customer relationships," said David Bairstow, VP Product Management at Skyhook. "At Skyhook, we continue to leverage our expertise in mobile device location, to bring innovative solutions to our customers-- extracting powerful insights and monetization opportunities from mobile location data.”

For more information about Skyhook Context, please download the Context whitepaper.  

About Skyhook 

Skyhook is a worldwide leader in location. Skyhook created and operates the most advanced location network in the world today. Everyday Skyhook powers tens of billions of location requests and location-based context requests around the world for advertising, publishers, devices, apps, wearables, media, mobile device management, digital rights management, device recovery and more. Skyhook is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Broadband Corporation. To learn more about Skyhook, please visit

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