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Dec 9, 2013 11:40:00 AM

CardStar Enhances User Experience With Context Feature Infinite Geofencing

Posted by Kipp Jones

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CardStar, a mobile rewards app from Constant Contact used by more than 4 million consumers worldwide, enables shoppers to store all of their loyalty cards and key tags on their mobile devices. CardStar is delivering a dynamic location-based user experience that improves the app’s usability by decreasing time spent manually searching for cards.  

CardStar app integrates Skyhook Context Accelerator for optimized User ExperienceConstant Contact wants CardStar to have the ability to deliver nearby offers for users based on the cards they store. They needed to find a solution that would enable merchants to send deals at the right place at the right time, populating the homepage with relevant nearby venues and offers for shoppers. To do so, CardStar must geofence their hundreds of thousands of supported venue locations. The challenge CardStar faced was that the basic geofencing capabilities of iOS are limited to only 20 active geofences on each device.

By using the Skyhook Context SDK, Cardstar is able to deploy and manage hundreds of thousands of geofences on its iOS apps.  Rather than collecting and uploading thousands of addresses or latitude/longitude points, CardStar can geofence every supported card contextually, for example every CVS. Furthermore, the active geofences are personalized based on the cards that each user has.  

These unique capabilities have created a new revenue stream for CardStar in the form of hyperlocal advertising with sponsored deals, bringing loyalty cards to the top and creating an easy shopping experience for consumers. CardStar users will now receive personalized and relevant deals from their favorite merchants on their mobile app based on the context of their location. Finding relevant deals and keeping track of loyalty cards has never been easier!

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