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Jul 9, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Top 5 Infographics to Help You Improve Your App's UX

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After all your hard work on your app’s features and functionality, it’s important to factor in User Experience (UX) - which acts as the package you present it in to your consumer. With all the competition in the apps and mobile marketplace, the way you leverage that packaging can be the key to standing out. Of course when dozens of other design or technical concerns take priority, it can be hard to remember the importance of building a strong UX.

So we did some research on what makes a strong UX, the validation for an outstanding UX, as well as walk-throughs to show you precisely what you need to get there. As a result, we came across some great infographics that help you really visualize each critical component of a seamless UX:

1) UX 101

Skyhook UX infographic from Homestead

From Homestead

The first step to using UX strategies to your advantage is understanding what it is and why it is so important. UX 101 explains how the visual features, organization, user relevance, consistency and usability should work together to make your website easy to understand and appealing to your audiences. Lastly, Homestead’s infographic points out the importance of continuously assessing your site’s UX and getting the most from your UX designing efforts.    

Check out the full infographic on UX 101


2. Make Service Easy

Skyhook UX infographic from Salesforce

From Salesforce

This infographic from Salesforce analyzes what you need to make sure your site is frictionless on every platform. They explore how UX has become a necessity for success with stats including, “it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 unresolved negative experience”. With tips that apply to both your face-to-face customer relationships and your website design this infographic makes the case for putting significant effort into serving your customers with a great user experience.  

Check out the full infographic on how to Make Service Easy

3) Superheroes of Website Designing

Skyhook UX infographic from Way2Webscape

From Way2Webscape

With a quirky outlook on what your site needs to delight users, Way2Webscape uses their favorite superheroes to point out what rules you need to save your site from bad UX- a natural nemesis to your company’s success.

Check out the full infographic on the Superheroes of Website Designing

4) The Unfair Design Advantage

Skyhook UX infographic from Venture51

From Venture 51

Venture 51 took a look at all of the aspects of user experience to try and pinpoint the perfect balance between architecture, interaction design and visual design that can give your business the upper hand with potential customers. Tailored to the development experience of a startup this infographic reveals how caring for user experience is an absolute must for any company looking to grow and thrive.

Check out the full infographic on the Unfair Design Advantage.

5) Are You a UX Statistic?

Skyhook UX infographic from Vitamin T

From Vitamin T a division of Aquent

Vitamin T proves the importance of an appealing experience by following their own rules in this delightful infographic. It offers simple UX tips that will save you time and money by steering you straight to UX success.

Check out the full infographic: Are You a UX Statistic?

Bottom Line:

Weather it is your app, website or mobile platform, flawless UX will help you stand out. Everyone knows how important a strong customer relationship is to success; build that relationship by ensuring the experience you offer is well planned, easy to use, a superhero of design and properly balanced. Let your company thrive on the satisfaction of your users.geofencesvariety_shot-5