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Feb 23, 2017 12:40:00 PM

4 Geofence Examples That Improve Your App UX

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The use of location intelligence has skyrocketed over the last few years. More than 80% of data maintained by organizations worldwide has a location component, according to Pitney Bowes. As the market for location matures, organizations are starting to identify new and creative ways to utilize geofencing.

There are a wide variety of uses for location intelligence -- customer analytics, geofencing, user experience, advertising and marketing campaigns, safety and security -- to name a few. Applications can range from pure location analytics and data collection to delivering a dynamic location-based user experience.

These new applications have one common thread: the need for highly accurate geofencing. Skyhook has long identified the benefits and requirements for these new use cases and is now seeing marketers, app developers, and product managers who want to make these experiences a reality -- both to increase user engagement and to create new monetization opportunities.

hero_geofences2.pngHere are 4 Geofencing Use Cases that Improve Your UX:

1. Location-Based Experiences

A leading digital savings company that connects consumers with retailers, restaurants and brands online and in-store can use Skyhook to improve its ability to deliver meaningful location-based experiences through its app.

Today app users who approach a mall receive every available offer of the entire mall the moment they walk in the door. Traditional geofencing can only place a user ‘at the mall’ with no distinction about which stores they actually visit. Skyhook Context provides the ability to geofence individual stores within a mall (regardless of level) and deliver personalized offers and content relevant to the store and brands to their users.  As a result, users will have to spend less time sorting through offers, and only engage with the content relevant to the store they are in.  In addition, users will trust the app to deliver relevant content and rely on the app more as they go from store-to-store, thus increasing brand engagement.

In addition, this digital savings company gains the ability to provide detailed attribution analysis based on store visits, leading to measurable, defensible ROI calculations.

2. Attribution

Verifone Media, the leading gas-pump ad media provider, has partnered with Skyhook to prove campaign reach, value and impact. Skyhook's location services accurately identify users exposed to ad campaigns at pump media sites and then measures consumers' response via foot-traffic analysis.  For example, in a recent tier-one retailer campaign, Verifone Media was able to report a dramatic jump in store visits (the goal of the campaign) for those consumers exposed to the pump media ads relative to a control group.


Furthermore, using Skyhook's Personas – audience segments derived from mobile device movements – Verifone Media can now extend its reach along the consumer journey by offering mobile retargeting to the consumers who viewed an ad at the pump.  

Verifone Media, a division of Verifone, is the nation's largest out-of-home media network, with 128,000+ digital screens across 194 DMAs, providing programming content and advertising in gas pumps, convenience stores and taxis

3. Seamless Payment Experience

A Tier 1 mobile payment solution has integrated Context into their mobile enterprise wallet, and is partnering with a leading oil and gas company to streamline the payment process at gas pumps across the US. Users can download a mobile app which automates several steps in refueling cars. The app identifies when a user has pulled into a specific gas station, prompts the user to select the pump number then authorizes and completes payment.

All of this occurs without having to swipe a credit card through a traditional payment system. This benefits customers who get additional convenience and security and a higher quality user experience, while the oil and gas provider can drive and reward brand adoption, engagement and loyalty.  In addition, the app now captures valuable behavioral insights such as brand loyalty, preferred location, buying habits and more.

Historically oil and gas providers have had little to no location-based insights into the behavior of their customers, and only recently have had minimal success with loyalty card programs.In a competitive market that fluctuates often and has tight margins, both loyalty and customer insights are key. This is a massive step towards improving marketing efforts, competitive intelligence and overall strategy.

4. Competitive Intelligence

A Tier 1 big box retailer is partnering with Skyhook to generate deeper insights on their users. The retailer is setting up highly accurate geofences both at their locations and at competitor locations, to gather information such as buying habits, loyalty level, visit frequency and more.

This information can be used for more sophisticated, personalized marketing. The retailer can use this information to integrate with their CRM system and categorize users based on various loyalty levels and target users accordingly.