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Oct 7, 2014 12:30:00 PM

This Week in Context: Making Online Experiences More Relevant and Dynamic to Users

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We’ve had a busy month here at Skyhook, where in the last 3 weeks we have launched a new product, Context, and revamped our website to deliver the new messaging for helping devices, apps and ad tech deliver the most relevant content possible with the most accurate location available.

This week, our VP of Marketing, Schneidermike, was featured on two video shows discussing what the future of context looks like for online ad experiences. Check out the recordings below:

Marketing Mavericks, Episode 25: SoLoMo

Tonya Hall of hosted Marketing Mavericks last week, where she talked to Paul Mabray of VinTank, SchneiderMike of Skyhook, and Aaron Strout of W2O Group about why context is everything in marketing, the death of the QR code, and break down SoLoMo (social, local and mobile).

Discussion centered around how there is a lot happening in the world in terms of making experiences more relevant and what it means to deliver relevant content, both from a demographic perspective, but also what is possible when you can discern - accurately - the location of a user and what that means for the types of advertising they want to see.

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The three also discussed SoLoMo - and later, SoLoMoCo - which breaks down into social, location, mobile, and context. There’s a lot we can do as advertisers, marketers, app developers to make experiences more relevant to people based on all the data they provide on a daily basis.

This SoLoMo concept has now evolved from a focus on basic building of apps and their functionality to providing services around location, context, and app usage. And with the work being done by companies such as VinTank - also being featured on the video - it’s time to use this data we now have to differentiate and make app experiences more relevant in the places that they are.

Watch the full episode of Marketing Mavericks, Episode 25 here.

This Week in Location Based Marketing, Episode 202

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Asif Khan of LBMA hosted Location Based Marketing last week, where he also featured SchneiderMike of Skyhook as a special guest about Skyhook’s new Context Accelerator SDK launch last month, and what it means to delivering more relevant content and dynamic user experiences via context. They covered both how apps who are just getting started and those larger apps with an established user base can both leverage Skyhook’s billions of location transactions in easy-to-use package.

Also covered in this podcast were walkthroughs on how the CardStar app leveraged Skyhook's Geofencing capability to optimized their user experience by reducing the time spend digging through their app to pull up the right keychain loyalty cards by having the right card triggered when users enter a geofence. Enabling this simple capability led to a 57% increase in daily active CardStar app users, and a 79% growth in sessions per day.

Watch the full episode of this Week in Location Based Marketing, Episode 202variety_shot-5