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Mar 7, 2016 9:33:37 AM

Skyhook Introduces Personas: Segments for Mobile Targeting, Attribution and Insights

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Skyhook’s 3,000+ location-based Personas deliver unique behavioral targeting capabilities.

BOSTON, Mass. – Mar. 7, 2016 Skyhook Wireless, the world’s leading independent location platform, today announced the launch of Retailer Personas, Power Personas and On-Demand Personas. These enhanced Personas -- built on Skyhook’s unique mobile location technology processing trillions of location signals annually-- offer the most accurate and actionable portfolio of location-based behaviors in the industry, resulting in compelling insights into publisher audiences and unmatched targeting and attribution for advertisers.

While mobile advertising is expected to grow into a $100 billion industry over the next four years, much of the targeting and attribution currently used is reliant on inaccurate location data. This leads to misplaced ads, false attribution and dubious analytics. To solve this problem, Skyhook cleanses all inaccuracies in location by leveraging its 13+ years of location leadership and expertise, its global location platform, and its ground-truthed, quality-controlled venue set.

Skyhook’s new Persona offerings announced today include:

  • Retailer Personas: Enabling the advertising ecosystem to have retailer-specific targeting, attribution and competitor intelligence by giving insight into consumer visit habits and brand affinities. Retailer Personas are specifically designed and targeted to measure attribution for campaigns associated with the 200 top retailers and brands in North America (i.e. Wal-Mart, CVS, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts). Collectively these retailers represent more than 1.8 trillion dollars in annual commerce.
  • Power Personas: Identifying those consumers with stronger brand affinity based on higher frequency of venue visits and other identifiable behaviors. These consumers often have a larger budget dedicated to their commercial activities. For example, a Power Women’s Apparel Shopper is more engaged than a Women’s Apparel Shopper, as she is shopping more often and is more receptive to messaging or offers for women’s apparel brands.
  • On-Demand Personas: Allowing advertisers and publishers to create and customize their own specific target segments across more than 3,000+ possible combinations. Skyhook On-Demand Personas are customized with user selected criteria including venue visits, venue type, visit frequency and/or demographic information. The added benefit of On-Demand Personas is the ability to measure an ads impact on store visits, providing a deeper level of attribution.

Skyhook is focused purely on unleashing the best location capabilities in the world for its partners. It does not sell or buy media, and accordingly never competes with advertisers, publishers, or any adtech partners. Furthermore, Skyhook never aggregates, combines, shares, sells or transfers its partners’ data with any third party.

“Skyhook’s adtech business is built on our foundation of thirteen years of mobile location innovation. Our unmatched expertise, commitment to precision and neutral competitive position enables both demand and supply in the advertising ecosystem to unleash the power of location based targeting and attribution.” said Matt Kojalo, VP of Adtech Solutions at Skyhook Wireless.


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