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Mar 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

3 Easy Steps To Creating Skyhook Personas For Ad Targeting

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Our On-Demand Personas for advertisers launched early last year, and they offer agencies and brands a robust targeting option to reach just the right audience.As advertisers segmentation needs extended beyond our pre-built Skyhook Personas, we decided to open up our demographic, venue visit and visit frequency inputs to create On Demand Personas. We now have over 3,000 On-Demand Personas to choose from, giving advertisers the ultimate flexibility in identifying the mobile audiences they need.

personas_streetscene.pngTo recap, Skyhook Personas are premium location-derived segments based on mobile device movement that reveal consumer demographics, behaviors and buyer intent. Once your data has been sent to Skyhook and taken through our refinement process, you can design your audience segments based on the following steps:

Step 1: Choose Demographics

Demographic inputs such as Age, Ethnicity, Income Level and Education leveOn_Demand_Persona_Card.pngl are available for use in your particular Persona. Note that certain demographic inputs can be included or excluded from your Persona make up.

For example, a Millennial generation college graduate could be defined as someone aged 18-34, any Ethnicity or Income Level, excluding “No College” or “Associates” for Education level.

Step 2: Choose Store Loyalty / Chain Affinity

Behavioral patterns can be deduced based on how ground-truth lat/longs map to our extensive venue database. Build your audience’s behavior profile by selecting the venue category (Food & Drink), sub-category (Coffee Shops), specific brand chain (Starbucks) or any combination of venues your audience visits.

For example, you can choose any user that has visited a Walmart in the past 30 days, or choose any user that has visited both a Walmart and a movie theatre in the last month. Knowing this level of detail about a user’s behavior without actually knowing the identity of the person allows advertisers to deliver relevant content to their audiences. Knowing that “Movie Goers” are also likely to be “Family Shoppers” means that you can know where to target your consumers on a personal level that will resonate with them. 

Step 3: Venue Visit Frequency

The number of times a user has been seen at your designated locations can be customized by number of times per week, month or quarterly. Venue visits can be mixed and matched based on differing frequency criteria.

      • # of visits Weekly
      • # of visits Monthly
      • # of visits Quarterly
        • Within (date - date) time interval

The Bottom Line

If advertisers' personification needs extend beyond our pre-built Skyhook Personas, talk to our sales team to open up our demographic, venue visit and visit frequency inputs for you to create On-Demand Personas. 

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