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Mar 14, 2016 9:30:00 AM

New Retailer and On-Demand Personas for Better Attribution

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Looking for new ways to measure ad success? Knowing the location behavior of your consumers after they have viewed an ad - what stores they visit, how many times and when - can be an impactful way to attribute conversions to real-world behaviors. With Skyhook’s new location-based Personas, advertisers can now perform a new level of attribution based on accurate venue visits.

 Skyhook builds profiles of users based on their mobile location history. These Personas are constantly refined to ensure they accurately reflect the changing behaviors and demographics of consumers.

Advertisers now have a realistic idea of behavior, venue visits, and frequency of visits, allowing them to target these specific Personas with relevant ads. After targeting a Persona with an ad, Skyhook can then validate when consumers visit a corresponding retailer or venue  by utilizing On-Demand and Retailer Personas.

skyhook_building_on-demand_personas.pngOn-Demand Personas

Advertisers and Publishers can create and customize their own specific target segments across more than 3,000+ possible On-Demand options. Segments can be customized using selected criteria such as place visits, place type, visit frequency and/or demographic information. The added benefit of On-Demand Personas is the ability to then measure an ad’s impact on store visits, providing a deeper level of attribution.

Retailer Personas

Skyhook can enable the advertising ecosystem to have shopper specific targeting, attribution and competitor intelligence by giving insight into consumer visit habits and brand affinities. Retailer Personas are specifically designed and targeted to measure attribution for campaigns associated with the top retailers and brands in North America (e.g. Walmart, CVS, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts). Collectively these retailers represent more than $2 trillion in annual commerce.

To put this into context, a user visits an electronics store and becomes an Electronics Shopper Persona. The user is targeted with a compelling offer to visit “Best Buy.” The user visits a Best Buy location and then becomes a Skyhook Best Buy Shopper.bloghead_personas.png

Now advertisers can measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and understand whether their campaigns deliver the desired results based on real-world consumer movement.