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Nov 12, 2014 12:02:00 PM

25 Tweetable Adtech Stats on Native, Programmatic and Mobile Advertising

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The mobile advertising ecosystem is growing, shifting and adapting rapidly. We all know that mobile is the shiny medium for advertisers, but what else should we know about mobile advertising? Here are 25 facts and stats that will help you wrap your head around the adtech ecosystem and rising trends.

Digital Ad Spend Stats and Predictions

1. Global ad spend is on track to grow 5.5% this year to $537 billion, while Internet advertising will account for nearly one-quarter of that, at $121 billion. - TechCrunchtweet_icon

2. Gartner said it expects global mobile advertising spending to reach $18 billion this year, up from the estimated $13.1 billion in 2013. By 2017 it’s projecting the market will have sized up to be worth $41.9 billion. - TechCrunchtweet_icon

Internet adspend

3. Overall digital ad spending will represent almost 30 percent of all US ad spending this year according to eMarketer. - Marketing Landtweet_icon 

4. According to a new forecast from eMarketer, total media spending in the US will see its largest increase in a decade reaching $180.1 billion. The firm says that the growth will be lead by TV and mobile. - Marketing Landtweet_icon

5. Mobile advertising will represent roughly 10 percent of all media ad spending. That would mean it would exceed traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and radio — reportedly for the first time. - Marketing Landtweet_icon 

Video Advertising

6. Display and video will be the fastest-growing mobile ad formats as digital ad dollars quickly shift from desktop to mobile. Business Insidertweet_icon

7. US mobile display and mobile video ad revenues will grow at an astonishing CAGR of 96% and 73%, respectively, between 2013 and 2018. - Business Insidertweet_icon

Mobile Advertising

8. Mobile is growing 6 times faster than desktop internet advertising as smartphone and tablet adoption spreads. - ZenithOptimediatweet_icon

9. Mobile is expected to see average annual growth of 50% between 2013 and 2016. - ZenithOptimediatweet_icon

10. Mobile advertising will top $45 billion by 2016 and account for 28 percent of online ad spend and 7.6 percent of the all advertising expenditures to become the fourth-largest medium ahead of radio, magazines and outdoor. - ZenithOptimediatweet_icon

Digital ad revenue

11. 42% of respondents to a recent Dartmouth study said the mobile experience makes content more immersive than on desktop.tweet_icon

12. In-app click-through rates averaged 0.56% globally compared to 0.23% for mobile web ads during the first half of the year, according to Medialets. - Business Insidertweet_icon

Programmatic Advertising 

13. With private exchanges, publishers are charging $5 and $10 CPMs, with ads commanding those prices growing around 20%. -Forbestweet_icon

14. Programmatic buying is boosting the pace of expansion of display advertising, now the fastest growing segment of online advertising. With display advertising growing at 21% a year, it’s expected to hit $74.4 billion in 2016. -ZenithOptimediatweet_icon

15. Worldwide RTB-based spending was $1.4 billion in 2011 and forecasted it will rise to $13.9 billion by 2016, for a compound annual growth rate of 59.2%. - AdExchangertweet_icon

16. By 2016, RTB will make up 27% of all U.S. display ad spending. - AdExchangertweet_icon

17. Mobile programmatic ad revenues will account for 43% of US mobile display-related ad revenue in 2018, up from only a 6% share in 2013. - Business Insidertweet_icon

Native Advertising

18. U.S. native-ad spending on social sites is expected to hit $2.36 billion, or 39% of total U.S. paid social ad spend this year, according to a report from market research company BIA/Kelsey. The report forecast that social native ad spend will grow 93% to $4.57 billion by 2017.tweet_icon 

19. 90% of publishers say they have or are considering adding native advertising to their sites. - Inctweet_icon

Native Advertising Stats

20. People view native ads 53% more than banner ads. - Dedicated Mediatweet_icon

21. 32% of consumers said they would share a native ad with friends and family vs 19% for banner ads. -Sharethroughtweet_icon

22. Native advertising generates up to an 82% increase in brand lift. - Dedicated Mediatweet_icon

23. Purchase intent is 53% higher with native ads. Dedicated Mediatweet_icon

24. 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising. - Inctweet_icon

Hyperlocal Targeting

25. Adding precise and contextual location data to ad inventory results in a 20% lift in conversions. - Skyhook tweet_icon personas_streetscene