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Apr 26, 2016 4:42:15 PM

MMA Mobile Automation & Programmatic Leadership Forum Insights

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In the early days of mobile advertising, just getting a simple 320x50 ad to show up on my test Sprint Sanyo Katana in 2007 was an extremely frustrating challenge. Thankfully those days are long past, and we now have the ability to enrich ad targeting with all types of 1st and 3rd party data. personas_header_6.png

At the MMA Mobile Automation and Programmatic Leadership forum on April 14th, speakers gave crucial insights on how advertisers can better use their own data as well as 3rd party data to optimize their campaigns. These themes and more were covered at the event - read on for the recap.  

Key Issue: Data Ownership

Keynote speaker Rob Griffin; Chief Innovation Office at Almighty gave his mantra to start off the day: “The advertiser should own the data, not the agency.”  His experience at a successful global agency demonstrated that advertisers weren't getting data back from adtech vendors once campaigns were completed - he argues brands and advertisers should have access to and the ability to use that data.

It’s not an easy task to manage such a massive amount of data, but so long as advertisers understand that they won’t be able to “Boil the Ocean,” they can unlock valuable insights. They need to innovate, iterate and automate to be able to deliver personalization at scale. This message of data ownership and putting a premium on accurate data resonates with Skyhook, as we optimize our Personas to empower advertisers and best serve the needs of the industry.

The Efficiency of Programmatic

Rajeev Subramanyam, the Vice President of Partnership and Digital Acquisition at American Express Open, discussed how programmatic ad buying makes him more than 2-3 times more efficient than using traditional media-buying methods. Amex now gets about 90% higher approval rates and ROI - an incredible number! Amex is also able to use location data effectively to target ads since their target areas overindex for small business. Subramanyam also mentioned that retargeting campaigns must align with the goal of the original campaign - he received a 5x lift by doing this simple alignment.


Industry Growth Expected

Catherine Boyle, Senior Analyst at eMarketer reported that $15 Billion is being spent on programmatic advertising in 2016 with next year's spend expected to be over $22 Billion. Also, next year she predicted Facebook will be pushed out of the #1 programmatic channel by in-app ads.

I agree that for now most advertisers still have “web-centric” buying habits. Today, cookie-based traffic is easier to run cross-channel advertising on than mobile apps without cookies.  Even though 70% of user time is spent in-app, 30% of mobile ad spend is still split 50/50 by platform. Interestingly enough, iOS CPMs are going down since advertisers are now seeing Android is performing just as well. The popularity of Android has increased in recent years and that inventory should not be overlooked as it has been in the past.

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Despite the variety of data available to advertisers, demographics still remain the most commonly purchased set. It’s true that demographic data is easy to understand for most advertisers, but once the ecosystem fully utilizes all the different types of data out there, we expect to see some truly amazing results. 

Learn More About the State of the Industry Today

For more details on the outcome of the event and insight into what’s next in adtech, join me and Rob Griffin at #LinkedGin. This informal networking series with no formal sponsor, no web page and no registration mixes VCs, entrepreneurs, agencies, brands and adtech folks.

The next one is in Boston, Wednesday April 27th 7:30 at Eastern Standard. It's a great event, so stop by! 

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