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Jan 11, 2017 11:30:00 AM

DigitalElement on Measurement & Attribution with Verifone

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For as massive an opportunity location data holds to influence global tech, it's still largely misunderstood. One organization that works to remedy this is the LBMA, or Location Based Marketing Association. Their goal is to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers.

bloghead_personas.pngThe LBMA (Location Based Marketing Association) holds a weekly podcast entitled: “This Week in Location-Based Advertising.”  Aubrianna Lopez of DigitalElement, a Skyhook partner, co-hosts alongside LBMA founder Asif Khan.

In a recent podcast, Lopez talks about our new method of attribution that delivers not only foot traffic measurement, but behavioral and location insights about campaign audiences. Here’s a transcript of the podcast:


New Mobile Advertising Capabilities 

"I’ve worked with Skyhook from a partner perspective for some time now and recently they’ve teamed up with Verifone. Verifone is pretty much the world leader in payment and commerce solutions - the checkout at the grocery stores or wherever you’re paying with are all Verifone’s.  The company also has the Verifone media side of the house where they sell at-the-pump media advertising, on the screens that you see when you’re filling up your tank with gas at the gas station.

[Verifone] has all of these ads that they’re showing at the pump, but the challenge they were having was the same challenge that pretty much everybody’s having in the space right now: measurement and the attribution.

So they took a specific campaign where they worked with Skyhook, where they measured a control group and then they measured a segment who saw their ads to see how many times the people who saw the ad visited a retailer vs the control group. The people who saw the ads were twice as likely to visit the retailer. Those are some really great numbers there!

Verifone Location Offline Attribution Steps

They’ve also added another layer: Verifone’s able to use Skyhook’s Personas audience segments, which is really handy, so that they can actually see the type of people that are visiting those stores so they can retarget along the customer journey - which is really a powerful thing.

So basically, Skyhook is giving Verifone a method to show the measurement, the attribution and new behavioral insights on these audiences. Powerful, powerful partnership and a new kind of rollout that Verfione’s able to extend to the pump media side of things.

We’ve talked a lot about different stories that are different people trying to solve the problem of attribution measurement and this is another way of doing it. Skyhook’s a great company that can provide those really granular insights, not only on the audience side but also on the geo side. So.. I like this story!”

Link to the full podcast here - make sure to tune in each week for the latest in location news.