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Apr 18, 2014 8:30:00 AM

FAQ: How Skyhook’s Context Works for Adtech

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Unleashing the power of always-connected mobile advertising means building stronger connections between advertisers and their audiences through relevance. As a population, we can't go anywhere without our phones: we are captivated by the latest post on our Facebook feed or refreshing a flash-sale site to get the best deal. Doing this prompts the open sharing of location and social data. Advertisers can use this individual-level data to bolster marketing strategies and messages, but they need to know where to start.

Skyhook’s Personas enables advertisers to intelligently build contextual segments of their audience based on their real-world activities. Skyhook aggregates these anonymous consumer Personas into layers of context assigned to areas and venues.  

Accurate location integrated with layers of venue and demographic context is the holy grail for advertisers. The aggregation of data from a mobile device allows advertisers to gather context on their audiences, enabling better targeting for brands, more relevant content for consumers, and higher value ad inventory for publishers. True context data delivers higher profitability for the same ad impressions. Advertisers can improve user engagement by reaching their audiences with relevant, higher value content where and when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Read answers to frequently asked questions about the implementation of Skyhook’s for Adtech below:


1. How can Skyhook give us insight into our audience’s location behavior?

We can geofence points of interest and provide a notification to the app, as well as offline analytics of the types of venues people visit and personas based on those venues.  

2. What is Skyhook’s precision rate in identifying IP location?

Skyhook positions over a billion IP addresses and we have location yield over 90% in most mobile applications.

3. How can Skyhook infer audience behavior?

We have categorized venues to describe interests and activities associated with locations. We can use segmentation logic to build personas based on the location history of a device by cross referencing against those categorized venues.

4. Where are you getting your demographic information? Census or sourcing from another partner?

We use a proprietary homing algorithm to associate users with census block groups and infer demographics.

5. How do you know this person is a "business traveler" or "auto intender"?

By using categorized venues and times that are strong indicators of interest or activity, we can create distinct personas for high value audiences.  For instance, auto intenders can be observed through their visits to multiple car dealerships. Business travelers can be categorized based on their frequent visits to airports and hotels on weekdays.  

6. How does Skyhook actually derive someone's location?

We use a mix of Skyhook’s proprietary location technologies and features provided by the mobile operating system to determine location for an app running on a mobile device.  

7. Can Skyhook show me the people around a said radius? Or near a venue that we could direct them towards?

Using on device geofencing we can notify an application whenever it’s users enter a defined geofence, even when the app is in the background. That enables both real-time messaging and after the fact retargeting based on location history.

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