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Jul 22, 2014 7:34:00 AM

Case Study: How MEDIATA Increased Campaign Performance with Hyperlocal Targeting

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MEDIATA, a data management and targeting platform, needs accurate location to build user intelligence and deliver relevant advertising. Like all server-side ad tech platforms, the only consumer location data source MEDIATA can access is IP address.

The challenge many ad tech companies face is that as much as 80% of ad inventories come with an incorrect location, according to our data. MEDIATA tested Skyhook’s technology against other leading IP providers, who use less effective network topology methods to trace ad requests. As a result of using our precision location data, MEDIATA saw a significant lift in campaign performance. 

Screen_Shot_2014-07-21_at_4.13.14_PMMEDIATA has partnered with Skyhook to position IP addresses precisely and to deliver more relevant advertising to consumers based on their location. Skyhook’s Hyperlocal IP is an empirical approach which positions over one billion IP addresses worldwide, often within 100 meters. 

Each time a device requests location, our on-device software prompts device sensors to scan for Wi-Fi, GPS, cell tower and device accelerometer data. Using a patented hybrid positioning engine, Skyhook’s Precision Location product intelligently combines those sources to deliver hundreds of billions of precise lat/longs. With each scan, Skyhook returns a precise location and records the IP address, which is automatically included in any communication with our servers. 

MEDIATA has leveraged Skyhook’s Context Accelerator Hyperlocal IP feature, allowing them to offer brands highly-granular geo-targeting with precision as fine as 100 meters based purely on IP address for devices on Wi-Fi networks. Adding precise location to MEDIATA’s user profile data is a major step forward for brands seeking to reap the benefits of precision audience targeting at scale.

“Teaming up with the world’s leading location positioning company has already demonstrated very significant improvement in not only campaign performance, but also our audience intelligence.” said John Stones, Head of Product and Innovation for MEDIATA.

“Integrating Skyhook into our platform means we can more consistently reach the customers we are targeting. This will have a major effect on digital investment strategies.  MEDIATA’s ability to analyze campaign data and provide further insights into a brand’s audience profiles is an exciting development for our company that will enable us to deepen our relationship with clients.”

Through a 9-month research and development partnership, MEDIATA saw a stunning 20% campaign lift as a result of adding Skyhook’s Hyperlocal IP to its mobile ad inventory.

“MEDIATA’s results prove the hypothesis that hyperlocal targeting drastically improves the signal of content,” said Kipp Jones, SVP of Product and Engineering for Skyhook.  “We are excited for MEDIATA and their customers, and are looking forward to their roll-out across APAC.” variety_shot-5