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Jan 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Achieve Your Goals with Connected Devices

Posted by Isolde Decker-Lucke

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IoT devices with location positioning capabilities are the perfect tools to help you stay on track with your goals. In this modern age you can embrace your goals even further with some of these nifty connected devices. 

Goal: Stay Organized at Home

If you’re someone who struggles with organization, or is often forgetful, you can easily achieve your resolution with connected devices at home. Remote lock functionality at home removes the need for a panicked drive home at lunch. A video doorbell helps you know when packages are delivered so you get them right away. A smart refrigerator reminds you when it’s time to buy milk. A wearable device can provide you with notifications about meetings, the ability to quickly check a list, and even set up location-based notifications when you pass the gas station or pharmacy so you don’t forget to stop. 

Goal: Get Your Kids Outside

With online schooling, play rehearsal, game nights and more, your kids are spending a lot of time in front of a screen. A child smart watch or limited version of a smartphone will allow you to keep tabs and stay in contact with your child while they play outside, providing them with some independence. With the ability to precisely locate and contact them, and even build a geofenced area around your home that will notify you when your child leaves the area, you can reach your kids without providing them with a costly cellphone, or worrying about their screen time. 

Goal: Disconnect More Often

 A feature phone is a mobile phone that can complete basic functions, but does not have all of the capabilities of a smartphone. These phones are usually created with cost-savings in mind and as a result, traditionally have buttons and a smaller display, but still often have location capabilities and internet access. These phones are a great option if you still want to be reachable for emergencies, and use your phone for navigation, but without the temptation of other apps and constant pinging so that you can feel more present in the moment

Goal: Use Your Car Less

Micromobility vehicles like scooters, e-bikes, and electric scooters are a good way to decrease your car usage. There has been an increase in shared micromobility vehicle options, or you can always purchase one of your own. Shared scooters or bikes that use a precise positioning system can help you easily find an available vehicle on an app, and some even offer directions. 

Goal: Refine Your Golf Swing

Connected golf wearables can help you navigate the course with location based maps of the course, provide blind shot assistance and analyze your swing. Another option is a set of gloves that help coach swings, or even connected golf clubs that can measure distance, force, and/or grip position. These will keep you going to the golf course, and getting better scores every time. 

Goal: Get Awarded MVP

Sports-focused devices can now provide professional player-level data and insights to the average person. Connected basketballs and soccer balls measure how far the ball travels, the force with which it was thrown or kicked, and much more. Football players can wear connected helmets to gauge impact and help protect from concussions. This data can help you gain the edge you need to take your skills to the next level and also provides critical health information at the same time as you prepare for the upcoming season. 

Goal: Meet Fitness Goals

A wearable fitness tracker and integrated app are the perfect tools to make sure everyone is achieving their health goals. Many wearables make it easy to track sleep patterns, nutrition and exercise, and they can be connected to your phone to get live updates, integrated to exercise equipment like your Peloton,  and set goals

 What to Look for When Buying an IoT Device

  • Location tracking is an essential aspect of any connected device. Connected devices with location allow interactive appliances to provide localized and enhanced services (e.g. local weather, news, alerts, neighborhood activities and other localized and personalized offers) by using accurate location information. 
  • When purchasing wearables and other battery powered devices, long battery life is important when selecting a device - a long battery life makes sure that the device can be used for long periods of time and simplifies charging for the owner.
  • Wi-Fi enabled devices ensure that the precise location is shared with the network when the device is indoors, in an apartment building, in a basement or a dense urban environment, or without a clear line for GPS tracking alone. This type of location flexibility requires hybrid positioning - leveraging Wi-Fi, Cellular and/or GPS to provide incredibly accurate location regardless of the environment. We all know how irritating it is when you try to map something and it can’t find you!
Connected devices are a great way to stay on track this year wherever you are.
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