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Jul 7, 2017 10:05:00 AM

3 Reasons Why You Need Location In Your Advertising Strategy

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Digital marketers are constantly looking for ways to interact and engage with consumers and are finding it harder and harder to do so.  A pivotal way retailers can gain traction is by adding personalization to their advertising strategy. Consumers are making it known that they want real-time personalized ads and less noise. In a survey conducted by Infosys, 86% of respondents who have experienced personalization in the ads they receive say that it has an influence on what they purchase.

Retailers need to produce relevant ads that grab the audience's attention and provide a unique user experience. Integrating location based services into your strategy allows you to reach users at the right time and the right place with the right message. Here’s how location based advertising can help your brand:

Deliver Real-time Relevant Content

Location data helps brands deliver relevant messaging to consumers in the moments that matter. For instance, when someone walks by a retail store they can receive a notification offering a coupon or notifying them of a current sale that is going on. Or when someone is close to the cash registers debating whether or not to make a purchase, a notification can be sent to them offering an incentive for them to make that purchase. Integrating location technology into applications allows you to see offline shopping behavior and lifestyle, helping you further identify buying trends and tailor ads accordingly. 

Provide a Dynamic User Experience

Brands and retailers have realized that adding location is imperative to a dynamic user experience. According to MarTech, 61% of consumers have a better opinion of companies who have a good mobile experience. Implementing location into your strategy allows you to personalize offers which users engage with and prefer. This in return improves their experience and has positive impact on a brand. 

Target the Right Audience

Nothing is worse than wasting advertising dollars. Building personas based on where a shopper travels allows brands to target the right ad to the right audience and in return save money. After offline behavior is assessed and defined, such as what venues a person visits and the patterns shown by their historical behavior, advertisers have a much more precise way of targeting consumers with messages that resonate. Skyhook’s personas offer the most accurate and actionable portfolio of location-based behaviors in the industry, resulting in compelling insights into target audiences and unmatched targeting and attribution for advertisers. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, adding location into your advertising strategy is a no brainer way to distinguish your brand and create a better user experience. With ads targeting consumers from every angle, it’s hard to not become part of the clutter. Personalizing your ads allows you to set yourself apart from the rest and provide a better user experience. With ads that engage and resonate with the user, it helps maximize campaign effectiveness and puts your advertising dollars to good use.

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