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Jul 9, 2020 9:26:38 AM

3 Benefits Of A Pet Tracker

Posted by Isolde Decker-Lucke

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These days, we expect to be able to locate anything and everything that is important to us, whether it is our children, our cars, our packages, or our pets. Pets feel like a part of the family, and people have all sorts of gadgets to keep them updated on what their pets are doing when they aren’t around. Collars and wearable devices for pets are an increasingly popular option, particularly for owners who want to provide their dogs and cats with freedom to explore off leash. 
Pet trackers provide peace of mind about your pet’s location, with options to alert owners when the pet leaves your backyard or designated ‘safe area.’ They can also provide interesting information, answering the question ‘what does my cat do all day?’ by mapping where their curious feline travels throughout the day. 
Here are three reasons pet trackers are a great option for all pet owners.
  1. Safe Outdoor Exploring 
  2. Find Out More About Your Pet
  3. Find Your Pet When They Go Missing

1. Safe Outdoor Exploring

Our pets want to run around, explore, and be outside off leash. Many pet owners want to be able to open the door and let their dog or cat roam around the backyard or neighborhood, without needing to constantly watch them or try to keep them within a certain space. Instead of needing to invest in a fence or feeling anxious when pets are outside alone, pet trackers can provide peace of mind. Many pet trackers have the ability to set up a geofence around a designated safe space - like a backyard or neighborhood, and the owner can receive a notification when the pet ventures further. Some pet wearables also use tones and vibrations to train the dog on areas of the geofence so they are trained where to not go, and improve their overall behavior. 

2. Find Out More About Your Pet

Pet trackers give owners an inside look at what their pets do and where they go. Location technology within the wearable can provide a travel path of which houses in the neighborhood a dog may visit, or tell you that your cat sits at the same bird feeder every day. Some pet trackers also provide more in-depth data about fitness and activity levels, helping owners keep their furry friends happy and healthy. These trackers can show when movement levels change from resting to high-activity, distances traveled, and some can even provide temperature checks so there isn’t the risk of leaving your dog in a too hot car.  

3. Find Your Pet When They Go Missing 

The most obvious, and important benefit of a pet tracker is to find them when they don’t come home. Pet trackers provide location positioning so that when your pet has been gone too long and you’re feeling concerned, you can see where they’ve been traveling, and if they are far from home, and where to find them. Some devices have QE codes that can display contact information of the owner if the animal is found by a stranger. Other varieties of trackers can even help guide pets back home through lighting or beeping in the device, or via a recorded voice command from the owner. 

How Pet Trackers Locate Pets

There are various ways that pet trackers can provide location positioning, and it will depend on the make of the device and the location technology they use. An important consideration is battery life - if your pet does get lost you’ll want to be sure the device won’t run out of battery power before locating the pet. 
At Skyhook, we use a proprietary hybrid location positioning system to provide precise location for pet tracker clients. This highly specialized service requires the use of algorithms for GNSS, Wi-Fi and cellular signals. These algorithms, coupled with global coverage via 5+ billion geolocated Wi-Fi access points, makes sure Skyhook is providing the most accurate and precise location available to pet tracking devices across the globe. Skyhook’s solution also requires minimal battery usage to help promote long device life for connected devices.
If you’re interested in how Skyhook provides location to connected devices like pet trackers, check out our IoT solutions sheet, or check out the resources on our blog. If you’re looking to incorporate Skyhook into your device, one of our location experts would be happy to talk to you! 
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