Precision Location for Asset Trackers & Logistics

Precision Location for asset tracking and logistics provides global positioning services to connected devices of all sizes, including those with small form factors, built with limited hardware.

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Location on Asset Trackers

Location is a non-negotiable feature for asset trackers. This video demonstrates how location works on these devices across logistics, supply chain, and consumer use cases. 

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Uniquely Positioned to Provide Accurate, Global Location

Flexible Integration Options

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Flexible integration options include customizable SDKs, firmware, cloud APIs, and embedded solutions. This flexibility allows location to be integrated at the hardware, chipset, or operating system level, and has helped establish Skyhook as a leading provider of drop-in location solutions.

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LPWAN Compatibility

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Trackers built for high functionality on limited hardware often leverage LPWAN connectivity such as LoRa, or NB-IoT networks. Skyhook provides location for these types of trackers even when gateways are sparse, without using GPS and draining battery.  

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Indoor Location

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Unlike other indoor technologies like RFID and BLE, Skyhook Precision Location uses existing network infrastructure to deliver location in a way that easily scales to include new access points if more precision is needed, without requiring costly new hardware investments. 

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Minimal Device Impact

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Precision Location software uses Wi-Fi and cellular signals or intelligently blends them alongside GPS to accurately determine device location, while taking up minimal to no space on the device hardware and helping optimize device life through minimal battery and bandwidth use.  

Skyhook Solutions

Customized Solutions

Whether trying to optimize logistics or knowing the location of goods, people, and pets, location is critical to a product’s success. Skyhook offers a wide range of software solutions to meet your unique asset tracking and logistics needs.

Solutions Include:

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Solution Sheet: Precision Location for Asset Tracking and Logistics

Learn how Skyhook’s Precision Location software sets the standard for positioning in any environment. 

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